Rajasthan receives immense love from travellers from across the globe and has managed to retain its popularity in the tourist circuit. This popularity can be attributed to the vast number of places to visit in Rajasthan and the variety of experiences each city offers. The royal state is steeped in history and culture and curating a list of places to visit in Rajasthan is no easy feat. So, to help travellers enjoy the perfect Rajasthani experience, here is a short list compiled by us.


With vibrant markets, popular eating joints which have been in business for decades and a number of monuments to dazzle history lovers, Jaipur is the perfect beginning to your Rajasthan tour. The city effortlessly earns a top spot in most places to see in Rajasthan itineraries. Whether you want to live like royalty or enjoy a budget holiday, Jaipur takes into consideration the travel needs of all kinds of visitors. The capital city of Rajasthan is one of the few cities in India where you feel everything is possible. The laid-back charm doesn't push you to fit too many things in your places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary but also ensures you see everything that is worth your time.


Another wonderful thing is that you can include many popular sightseeing spots of the city  in your places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary and expect a unique experience every time. From the grand Amber Fort, the splendid Jaigarh Fort, the quaint beauty of Nahargarh Fort to the gorgeous architecture of City Palace and Hawa Mahal, every day in Jaipur promises bliss. 


There are a few places which are a permanent feature in places to visit in Rajasthan itineraries and should remain so. An evening at Chokhi Dhani where you can enjoy enthralling cultural performances and taste local cuisine, a visit to Bapu Bazaar and Hawa Mahal Market for Rajasthani handicrafts and bandhani dupattas and the light and sound show at Amber Fort should not be discounted in your places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary.


For adventurous souls looking to add a dash of adrenaline to their places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary, the magic of a cycling tour is incomparable. Taking you to popular tourist attractions and old bazaars, a cycling tour also gives you an opportunity to see the city from the eyes of a local. You can admire the bustling streets which still have traces of the city's historical past, shop at one of the old bazaars for artefacts and complete the day with a lavish meal at one of the city's swanky cafes. 


Cost: If you want to include a trip to Jaipur in your places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary, it will cost you between Rs.2000 and Rs.15,000. This amount depends on the number of days you choose to stay in the city and on your budget.


Bikaner is a glorious gem in the middle of the Thar Desert. The city is a beautiful amalgamation of majestic architecture and raw natural beauty. Most popular for the world-renowned camel festival which takes place annually in January, Bikaner sees tourists from across the world. However, travellers have often claimed that the city doesn’t get its due in comparison to other popular places to visit in Rajasthan. 


The highlight of your journey to Bikaner will be the golden-hued sand dunes which welcome you to this mesmerising city. In fact, if you have the time, you must include a scenic drive to the outskirts of the city in your places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary. 


The Karni Mata Temple is a major attraction in Bikaner. The temple is around 30 kilometres away from the city and generally takes an entire day to cover. Junagarh Fort, on the other hand, is situated within the city and requires a couple of hours from your places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary. The magnanimous structure is famous for being one of the few forts not built on a hill. The fort is around 600 years old and flaunts a unique mix of Rajputana, Mughal, Gujarati and Western architecture. The city also boasts of a number of havelis, lakes and bustling markets that are a treat for any visitor. The markets in Bikaner offer authentic handicrafts, apparel, food items and home decor items that you won’t find anywhere else. As is with most cities close to the Thar desert, the best time to visit is between October and March.


Cost: A trip to Bikaner in your places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary will cost you between Rs.1000 and Rs.5000 per person per day.


The City of Lakes stands out as one of the most fascinating places to visit in Rajasthan. The old-world charm of Udaipur comes together with a rich cultural heritage and promises you an experience you won't easily forget. You can expect a busy itinerary when planning a trip to Udaipur and we suggest keeping aside at least two to three days in your places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary. Besides sightseeing sprees, the local markets and cafes are quite a delight to explore as are the many cultural shows that take place here. 


Lake Pichola is the most visited tourist attraction in the city and rightly so. The view of the setting sun against the rocky hills stays with you for a long time. The hotels in this part of the city are closely packed with each other and you can enjoy surreal natural beauty in the midst of concrete chaos. We also recommend including a boat ride in your places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary since it’s the best way to explore the surrounding areas around Lake Pichola. 


Fateh Sagar Lake is another beautiful tourist attraction which should feature in your places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary. The second-largest artificial lake, the sparkling lake is at its most beautiful in the evening. There are three different islands surrounding Fateh Sagar Lake and each houses a tourist attraction which should be part of your places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary. If you are travelling with children, you can choose to head to the zoo or enjoy a lavish picnic in the midst of verdant greenery. One of the three islands is home to a solar observatory known as Udaipur Solar Observatory which is a hotspot for science buffs and little ones.


If you want to spend time exploring the grand monuments in Udaipur, we recommend paying a visit to City Palace. Exploring the palace can take between three and four hours so we recommend keeping aside enough time in your places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary. Built in 1559, City Palace was the primary seat of the royal family. The splendid palace boasts intricate architecture, verdant gardens and a museum. The museum deserves special attention since it displays a rare collection of paintings, apparel, weaponry and personal assets from the Mewar royal era. The view of Lake Pichola from the grand balcony of the City Palace takes your breath away and you are instantly transported to another world. 

Cost: A three-to-four-day trip to Udaipur in your places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary can set you back by Rs.10,000. This amount will change depending on the itinerary and the type of accommodation.


Majestic forts, golden dunes and colourful vistas come to mind whenever one thinks of Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer, known as the Golden City, is one of the most sought after places to visit in Rajasthan. Located around 500 kilometres from Jaipur, Jaisalmer attracts thousands of travellers each year from India and abroad. The city was established in 1156 by Raja Rawal Jaiswal. A part of a major trade route from India to Persia, Egypt and Africa, the city is etched in history because of jauhar (self-immolation) committed by thousands of women after an eight-year siege by forces of Allauddin Khilji. 


The Jaisalmer Fort is the most prominent feature of the city and is surrounded by narrow alleys, where people have been residing for generations. Built using golden sandstone, the fort walls are adorned with detailed designs which are a delight for art lovers. Visitors can avail a guided tour or wander on their own. A guided tour or a heritage walk takes around two hours to complete. The neighbouring markets of Sadar Bazaar, Sonaron Ka Baas, Seema Gram, and Bhatia Bazaar are a paradise for shopping enthusiasts and offer the best of Rajasthani arts and crafts. 


You can’t expect to visit Jaisalmer and not include the world-famous camel safari in your places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary. Most safari packages include camel rides, beautiful views of the sunset, one night’s stay and a traditional meal. Camel safari packages range from budget to luxurious and you can choose one according to your budget.


Though the Jain temples of Jaisalmer are not as well known, they are quite a delight to explore, especially if you are a history lover. These temples are located inside Jaisalmer Fort and are built in Dilwara architectural style. Another lesser-known surprise in Jaisalmer is the Desert National Park. The national park is among the biggest of its kind in India and extends from Jaisalmer-Barmer to the India-Pakistan border. The desert national park has a variety of wildlife such as camels, desert foxes, Bengal foxes, chinkaras, wolves, desert cats, and blackbucks. If you are a nature lover or a wildlife enthusiast, we wouldn’t suggest discounting this beauty from your places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary.


Cost: A trip to Jaisalmer in your places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary can cost you between Rs.4000 and Rs.12,000 per day. The amount will depend on the number of days of your visit, the type of accommodation and the inclusions in your itinerary.

Ranthambore National Park

Featured in the list of most popular tiger reserves in the country, Ranthambore National Park in Sawai Madhopur is a treat for wildlife enthusiasts, photographers and nature lovers. The rich variety of flora and fauna in the reserve also puts it on the list of most beautiful places to visit in Rajasthan. History lovers will be pleased to know that the city is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ranthambore Fort, which is a delight to explore and can easily fit in your places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary. 


The fort was built in the 10th century and is home to numerous temples. Among the most visited is the Trinetra Ganesh Temple which sees hundreds of pilgrims throughout the year. The other temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Sumatinath and Lord Sambhavnath. Exploring the fort can take about three to fours and we highly recommend reserving sufficient time in your places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary. 


If your intention is only to spend time in the tiger reserve, the best way to explore the park is by booking numerous jeep safaris. Since travellers spend two to three days here, chances of sighting a tiger drastically increase. The first safari in the morning and the last one in the evening are the most popular and highly recommended by local tour guides. Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is open only between October and May and you need to plan your places to visit in Rajasthan tour accordingly. 


Ranthambore is home to a huge population of tigers. But besides the royal animal, you can also hope to spot sambars, sloth bears, fishing cats, chitals, hyenas and leopards. Home to more than 320 species of birds, it’s a treat for birdwatchers. It’s important to remember that the jeep safari in Ranthambore is not for the faint-hearted. It’s physically exhausting and the bumpy roads certainly don’t help. If you want to include more than one jungle safari in your places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary, we recommend giving yourself time to recuperate between each tour. 


Another thing that attracts travellers to Ranthambore is the huge variety of accommodation available. Most of the hotels in Ranthambore are situated in serene environs and offer travellers a memorable experience in the form of nature walks and birdwatching tours. Most of these tours can be arranged by the resort management if you inform them in advance. 

Cost: A trip to Ranthambore National Park in your places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary will cost you between Rs.5000 and Rs.15,000 per person. This amount will vary according to your accommodation option and the inclusions in your itinerary.


What is common among most cities in Rajasthan? The culture, the incomparable beauty, the historic past and most importantly the warm culture. Yet, despite the similarities, all places to visit in Rajasthan offer travellers a unique experience. 

Fondly known as the Blue City, Jodhpur makes it to the list of top places to visit in Rajasthan. Most popular for the gorgeous Mehrangarh Fort and Umaid Bhawan Palace, the city is also known as the Gateway to Thar. Owing to proximity, most travellers combine a trip to Bikaner and Jodhpur in their places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary. The erstwhile capital of Marwar, Jodhpur is roughly divided into two parts. The old city is centred around the clock tower and is home to old bazaars, whereas the new part of the city boasts sprawling residential complexes, swanky restaurants and malls. It’s recommended to keep aside between two and three days in your places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary if you want to explore Jodhpur. To ensure you have a hassle-free trip, you can book a customised tour package which includes a visit to top attractions and restaurants. 

Mehrangarh Fort is undoubtedly the most fascinating tourist attraction in Jodhpur. The fort gained even more popularity after it was featured in movies such as The Lion King and The Dark Knight Rises and is a must-add for movie buffs in their places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary. Perched on a hill, the fort has seven gates which were built during different times for specific purposes. The museum inside the fort is a tourist attraction in its own right. There are six different sections in the museum which are home to a variety of unique exhibits including art, weapons and apparel. Art lovers should keep aside a couple of hours in their places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary for the captivating museum tour.

Umaid Bhavan Palace is a charming attraction in Jodhpur which serves as a museum, the royal residence of Raja Gaj Singh and a heritage hotel. A landmark for Jodhpur, the palace effortlessly takes visitors back into the royal era. If you have sufficient time in your places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary, we recommend including a heritage walk or a guided tour to fully explore the palace. If you enjoy exploring museums, the majority of your time will be spent in the well-maintained museum here. The rare collection of photographs, paintings and artefacts are fascinating. 

Jodhpur is home to numerous markets which are fine examples of Rajasthan’s rich cultural heritage. Selling crafts, traditional apparel and silver jewellery, the markets are a delight for shopping enthusiasts and should be part of your places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary. 

Cost: A trip to Jodhpur in your places to visit in Rajasthan itinerary will cost you between Rs.3000 and Rs.7000 per person.

Written by Kirat Sodhi. She is a proud mom of three cats and lives for lemon tea, a good book and spontaneous travel plans.

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