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And so it began on April 5th, 2014 at around 1 pm. There was excitement that I’ll be driving my own/favorite car, Mustang GT, and doing my favorite thing of visiting new places, experiencing and doing new things. And then there was teeny bit of curiosity that I might be driving myself crazy for being alone most of the time. With those feelings I zoomed on Florida Turnpike destined for Atlanta to meet my best friend, Pavan. The drive was kind of a relief because I now know for sure that I was gonna leave the flatland for good. Miami is a great place to visit over weekends to bask in the glory of the world’s best beaches and make your palate dance with some exotic Latin American cuisine but to live in it for more than 2 years just bores you to death especially if you’re a person who likes exploring places around. On that positive note I reach Atlanta.

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Best time to visit Florida is from January to May

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