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It was the 1st day of May 2018 and I had the day off. I am not a person who wastes a day break sitting in the couch, at least in a new place and if I am not that physically tired. I took a night bus to Koblenz and then took a train to reach Cochem at around 3 am in the morning. I wanted the whole day starting from the sunrise and come back to Dusseldorf by evening, so that I can take a sound night's sleep before restarting the 8-6 work routine. But, for Cochem, my planning went a bit wrong. I thought I would a have waiting hall in Cochem or some food junctions where I could have some snacks and some beer to spend the 2 hours before I enjoy the peace of sunrise. But Cochem train station had only a stair facing the main door which had the Moselle river was flowing by in the opposite side of the road. Trust me, even in May, I never thought the cold breeze through that door would freeze me. I even thought of getting a room but at that time there was nothing I could do. I somehow spent those 2 dreadful hours with pain and then my time began. First the blue hour from the riverside and then hiking up the terrace grapes farms. I took a short cut but it turned out to be an unorthodox climb. The beautiful Moselle river, small and cute Cochem town and the handsome Reichsburg Cochem Castle, I could watch this view for long with all appreciative adjectives. I sat there overlooking all these and enjoying the view with the first fresh light; what else can be more peaceful. The hardship of the 2 hours was all gone in a few minutes. I spent a good day in the town with some food wine and hike up to the old fort which was a few kilometres away on an adjacent hill and at last took a guided tour inside the castle. I, of course, do not remember all the details of the stories of the castle but the location of the castle just overlooking the Moselle river and the vineyards around; it was a motif of luxury for the then King Louis. The Moselle region unlike most of Germany was wine producing and wine loving. As a memento, I took back a bottle of wine and a pair of beautiful creative handmade wine glasses.

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