Lockdown in the Woods #SecondHome

11th Oct 2019
Photo of Lockdown in the Woods #SecondHome by Shenal Jayasinghe
Day 3

Sun is just about to welcome us

Photo of Bambaragala Pathana, Badulla, Sri Lanka by Shenal Jayasinghe

How about a perfect camping night on the Edge of a mountain. I would love a night in the woods rather than a Night in a five star luxury hotel. Inhale some fresh air and sing to the sound of the nature and fall a sleep with endless stars would some up one of the greatest getaways.

Wake up with this sun rise

Photo of Lockdown in the Woods #SecondHome by Shenal Jayasinghe

Sri Lanka being a tropical island, is blessed with many destinations of this nation. This amazing view could be sighted in Babaragala Pathana which is situated in Uva Province of Sri Lanka. This is one of the best camping grounds available in Sri Lanka and these 2 nights spent at Babaragala was one of the best memories. Most importantly this is well surrounded with a scenic view across 360 degrees. Trust me it doesn't cost as much as you guess it to be. It will only cost just $50 to spend two nights here. If you wish to spend a night in this lovely cozy tent you could contact on the below www.lankanbackpacker.com the experience that I had was really spicy with authentic spicy Sri Lankan food. I would definitely choose this for me to spend this quarantine period.

If you want to be quarantined this is the perfect outing to get your self distanced from the society but not from the nature