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, and eclectic beach bars; Sri Lanka Tourism... it all. The amazing landscape in the Sri Lanka Itinerary... to visit in Sri Lanka. Rentals... to visit in Sri Lanka: Colombo (Day...

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Sri Lanka is a hub of the apparel industry, and on the streets you will see many local boutiques and factory outlets selling branded clothes! Check out places such as Barefoot, which also has its own cafe, Laksala, a state gift shop and souvenir boutique or Odel, which is a huge shopping complex in the heart of Colombo. Your shopping spree will never come to an end if you visit these shops, or find better ones! All these outlets have good quality products, and are good value for money.


Galle located at the southwestern coast of Srilanka is not only known for its famous Dutch fortress but also some of the awesome beaches around it. From Hatton take the bus to Colombo and alight a few stops ahead at Kaduwela from where you can get a bus to Galle that runs through the southern expressway and hardly takes an hour and a half to reach Galle. For stay, there are plenty of guesthouses and a few hostels inside the fort to choose from. Once you have checked in your guesthouse you can spend the evening walking around the fort and admiring its rich heritage. Though I read online that you cant get alcohol inside the fort, there are quite a few restaurants cafes inside that serves beer and other beverages and the most noticeable being Taphouse by R&R located in the hospital street nearby the lighthouse.

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