Best National Parks to visit in October in India


The Monsoon is over and the temperature is also going down henceforth, it’s the time to experience some real jungle thrill and encounter wild flora and fauna species. When there are no marshy lands and also no water filled roads in the month of October as the month is marked by the arrival of the winter season, the flora and fauna species gets nurtured by the monsoon rains. It is delineated to safeguard the wildlife in their native habitat which has also become the place of public leisure. Also, during monsoon most of the national parks are closed due to heavy rains and the breeding season of most of the various wild animals. The Ideal weather conditions during the month of October indicates the perfect timing to plan the wildlife tour and pack your bags to encounter the real quest in the jungle.

Photo of Best National Parks to visit in October in India by Siddhartha

Few of the National Parks which are on the top of their eminence in the month of October are:

1. Bandhavgarh National Park- Bandhavgarh National Park is vividly astonishing in the month of October, opens every year on 16 October for tourists. And for the same reason, it is on the top of the national parks list to visit in October. The intolerable heat of June-July and the monsoon season in August-September has passed by and it is now the season to explore the untamed trip to Bandhavgarh National Park in October to be comfortably toured in the pleasing weather without getting exhausted.

2. Ranthambore National Park- An exclusive October visit to Ranthambore will include the swampy water holes which has nurtured the flora to sprawl over the larger area giving a lush green appearance to the park. Along with this, most of the wild animals can be sighted by the tourists during the jeep safari pleasing to eyes. The Special appearance of Tigress Machli who is the recently born cub of Krishna and Sultan is the major attractions of the Park during this season, especially for spotting Tigers. The National Park opens every year on October 1.

3. Jim Corbett National Park- After the monsoon break, to unwind the heaven on the Earth the tourists should visit Corbett National Park because the wild animals are out hunting and sun bathing. In order to explore such wilderness and world class recreational activities at Corbett National Park, tourists should plan an expedition. It opens on 15 October every season for tourists.

4. Marine National Park- Well known for its rich biodiversity, the Marine National Park is the first marine park in India. The Pleasing weather of October is perfect to visit in order to avoid the hot summers or harsh winter season when the wild animals are mostly hibernated. With an archipelago of 42 islands, it is the home to varied species of coral reefs, mangrove swamps, mudflats, sea grasses, sea weeds and other such rare species forming an exquisite landscape encompassing the shallow waters of the Marine Park, opens on 15 October every season.

5. Blackbuck National Park- There are several factors alluring the tourists to visit this national park as the combination of blackbucks and wolves are found during this season in evening time with other rare fauna species. It is well known for the conservation of Blackbucks and Florican established in 1976, reopens on 15 October every year.

6. Jaldapara National Park- With the second highest population of the rhinoceros, the Jaldapara National Park comes second after the Kaziranga National Park. It is the heaven for bird watchers and the major attractions for tourists for its scenic beauty and wildlife. It opens from 15 September to 15 June every year.

7. Keibul Lam Jao National Park- With an aim for the conservation of the beautiful Sangai deer, Keibul Lam Jao National Park was established for providing visually the best splendid experience of the pleasant amalgamation of the scenic wetlands, aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems in the month of October when the weather is soothing and comfortable for the tourists to unravel the wild beauty, which open on October 1 every year.

8. Nokrek National Park- As October advances; the roads are cleansed, mended and restored in the accessible conditions again. Being dominated by the heavy rains during August and September, the national parks flourish again. The Nokrek National Park was listed in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, as the last remaining home to the Red Pandas which opens for tourists on October 1 every season.

9. Bandipur National Park- Throughout the year the climate in Bandipur National Park remains moderate but tourist prefers the October month as the most favorable for sighting wildlife. Possessing the largest population of the wild elephants, Bandipur National Park is listed on top in October to be visited by the tourists. After the rains, the nature revitalizes the beauty of the national park along with the enticing wild fauna spotting.

10. Nagarhole National Park the Breathtaking flora and fauna of Nagarhole National Park is perfect for wildlife outing throughout the year and especially, during October offering the extraordinary experience of the distinct and rich biodiversity along with the lake.

Hence, October is the most favorable and hassle free month for the wildlife tourists to explore the unraveling beauty of the rich flora and fauna of the listed national parks.