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City Tripping: Bologna, Italy

Bologna is another city that lends itself to just getting lost. Stroll below the almost 40km of c...

The Perfect Art And Architecture Trail In Northern Italy For History Buffs 

Italy is a paradise for art and food lovers! Credit: Madhurima ChaudhuriArt lovers always head to...

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16 Days
Backpacking from Rome to Vienna - Part 1

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La Vita Bella—A Month-long Vacation in Italy

Basking in the sun in PiamaggioBrass door of the Baptistery in FlorenceDuomo in FlorenceDuomo Cat...

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Italy's Irresistible Food Tours That Will Make You Want To Pack Your Bags And Leave

Credits: iweathermanIn addition to the art that makes your soul swoon, souk-like markets peppered...

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Here are the 15 best food cities in the world, because, nobody dislikes food!

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Le Voyageur

Hotels and Homestays in Bologna

Weekend Getaways from Bologna

Do not spend more than two days over here because it does not have any of the major sights. Known as the fashion capital...
There is an undeniable charm of watching the things that you had only heard of, or read in text books till now, stand pr...
Before leaving Treviso, I certainly fulfilled my promise to myself of going back to the places that I had visited on my ...
Verona (1 day)It snowed the day before, so when we arrived in Verona, it was a pretty, Christmassy, snowy scene. The str...

About Bologna

My last destination within Italy was Venice, and I wanted do a brief pit stop somewhere before getting there. So bidding Florence goodbye, I headed for Bologna. Bologna is quite close to Florence and is well connected by train. It was Christmas eve and I didn't have elaborate plans, and Bologna seemed perfect.I lazily walked down the streets and walked into the cathedrals before reaching the foot of the Two Towers - Asinelli and Garisenda. It was quite surprising to learn that the Tower of Asinelli was the tallest leaning tower in Italy, much taller than the tower of Pisa (97 meters as compared to 56 meters).

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