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Down the memory lane of Bremen


Mitrajit Biswas
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I felt that the possibilities were endless. If I could see a brightly lit world at midnight, the ...

Urmila Reghunath
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Schnoor Viertel
28195 Bremen, State of Bremen
Vor dem Steintor 11, 28203 Bremen, State of Bremen
U-Boot Bunker Valentin
Rekumer Siel 1, 28777 Bremen, State of Bremen
Schankwirtschaft Zum Hansekrug
Niedersachsendamm 54, 28201 Bremen, State of Bremen
La Fumee
Woltmershauser Str. 141, 28197 Bremen, State of Bremen
Friends Cafe Bar Bistro
Rembertistr. 32, 28203 Bremen, State of Bremen

Zaanse Schans
I have always been in awe of wooden windmills, from the first time I, as a child, attempted to paint a Dutch country sid...
Next day we visited local markets for cheese shopping and local outlets before heading to Paris. These cheese shops have...
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Cologne: On our way to Amsterdam,we visited Cologne Cathedral. Its a very very tall Gothic Cathedral which took 6 centur...

About Bremen

I felt that the possibilities were endless. If I could see a brightly lit world at midnight, the world surely had to be a magical place.__I came to Bremen in August 2014 as an exchange student from India, with little money and too much hope. And I left 5 months later feeling like a burned out matchstick - dazed over the loss of fire and hugging the leftover heat. It changed my life. Traveling is supposed to do that. But perhaps this trip broke something that defined me. Crushed my soul. Let me take this blogpost to explain why.__I grew up loving maps and atlases. I never felt at home amongst the coconut trees and sunny skies of Kerala. I fantasized of running away. Spent hours every night at my window wishing I could fly out through the gap in the bars. I read and reread all my Enid Blyton novels, imagining myself shuffling through the snow, sipping ginger beer and fitting in. You might have felt this too. This yearning to escape. It is beyond curiosity, it becomes the reason to live. And as I grew older and the fantasies became marred by the logic of physics, I went into claustrophobic panic attacks looking at the iron bars on that window. I had to escape.I found my way soon enough and my dream came true. Perhaps too soon.__As I boarded the flight to Bremen, my heart pounded and I wept. And as I was shown my quaint hostel room with it’s white walls and gigantic window, I couldn’t contain myself.We (my co-exchange students) soon set out to explore. From long supermarket aisles to the dew-grazed flowers on the roadsides to the ancient streets of Schnoor (more on Schnoor later). The air smelt like buns, not smoke. The buses came sharp on time and my co-passengers were all excitingly unique. I bought ginger beer and relished the wait for the first snow. And as summer wound to a slow close, we got bicycles, frequented a lonely park and enjoyed the bright nights from my window sill. Bremen, you see, was perfect. It was small, exciting and full of ancient wonders in it’s city centre.

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