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Cairns market Cairns market is full of tour operators....

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It is 90 mins away from Cairns....

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Cairns QLD, Australia
(Not to be confused with Cannes where the famous film festival takes place)Australia has always been one of my favourite countries. Maybe because of its similarity to India or maybe because of all the amazing chefs we get to see on MasterChef Australia. It is not only a land of beaches, but, it is also the land of deserts. So for travel lovers it is practically a paradise. From deep sea diving to crazy road trips, from watersports to rock climbing, Australia puts forward so much variety that it is sometimes difficult to choose the perfect thing to do on a holiday there. So, today I will be putting up a list of top things to do in one of the most tourist friendly places in Australia, Cairns (pronounced as Cans). Cairns is a small regional town in North Queensland and is known as the Getaway to the Great Barrier Reef. Let's look into the top things to do in Cairns:
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