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After our Journey of Darjeeling, we moved further towards Guwahati (Assam) as it is the major destination near Meghalaya....

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I reached Cherrapunjee by around 12:30 pm....

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Once there took place a very sad incident. There was a woman here named LiKai who was married to a very nice man who was a porter and after a few months of marriage she also gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Sadly after a few days, her husband died while carrying iron to Sylhet. She was left all alone without any support and a little girl to feed along with herself. Finding no other option she also took up the job of a porter. Since she was having no time at all to look after her daughter she was remarried. After this also she had no time to look after her husband or her daughter. Her husband grew angry and one day out of frustration he killed the little girl and cooked her as a meal. When LiKai was back home she could not see her daughter but instead of looking for her she decided to have the meal which look very good. After she had finished and was going to take a betel leaf, she found a severed little finger and soon understood what had happened. She lost her senses immediately and went mad. She kept on running and at the end jumped in this waterfall. After this the local people named it NohKaLiKai in which Noh means jump of, Ka is the term used for Meghalayan women and LiKai is the name. So, it means Jump of KaLiKai. This is at present a popular tourist attraction where you will find beautiful sceneries. The force of the waterfalls is maximum during the summers and monsoon and least during the winters.
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East Khasi Hills, 1 Km from Mawsmai Village, Cherrapunjee
Located just a kilometre south of the Mawsmai Village in the East Khasi Hills District, this is a seven segmented waterfall. The group of falls has been declared as the 4th highest in the country. The name is derived from the fact that these seasonal falls flow in seven parts and look exactly the same. These falls can only be viewed during the monsoon season. Apart from the natural beauty around these cascading waterfalls, the view of the setting sun from here is awesome due to the natural color play which is created during dusk.
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Best time to visit - January,February,March,November,December
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(Cherrapunji-The Wettest place on Earth):Cherrapunji is known as Sohra by the local Khasi people here. Known to have the highest annual rainfall and also pronounced the wettest place on earth, Sohra welcomed me with glistening roads and open skies that were the bluest of blue!!! The road to Sohra from Mawlynnong is 100km long and takes 3hrs usually. A leisurely wakeup and an even more well paced drive from Mawlynnong got me here. After I checked into the homestay at Scarlet's, I immediately left to see the places that were around. Nongthymmai eco-park is the place where the Seven Sisters falls originates. It is a rocky plain where a small stream of water turns into a majestic waterfalls. Such a beautiful landscape to conceive isn't it? Mawsmai Cave is where I went next. It is a constant stalagtite and stalagmite formation which has a tiny entrance and you have to crawl your way into the actual cave formations which consist of anthropod fossils etc. Mawkdok viewpoint shows you the entire valley on the top of which Cherrapunji is nestled upon. I simply cannot putforth the beauty of this place in words. Then we were off to see the 2 most proclaimed waterfalls: The Seven Sisters falls(from its view point) and Nohkalikai falls. Legend has it that Nohkalikai got its name from a girl named Likai who jumped along the falls to death from remorse and grief that she had eaten her daughter who was killed by her husband. Hence the name Nohkalikai falls meaning "The Leap Of Likai". When we reached the place, there were clouds that completely engulfed the valley ensuring that the Nohkalikai falls couldn't be seen. With the hope of seeing it the next day. We went to Arwah caves, the route of which is a hike of 1.5km along a rocky path which has been laid down. Some fossils and stalagtite formations were discovered as recently as 2 years back from now. So it was a different experience as compared to Mawsmai cave which has been in existence since long. When I came back to the room, there was a guy from Mumbai who was also backpacking on a solo trip. He had just come back from a tiring trek to Nongriat. We would go on to share my room for that night. Dinner was at a local restaurant that serves really good Chinese Food. A good sleep followed.

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