7 Days
Notes from Germany

A typical street in GermanyGermany is diverse and each part has something new and exciting to exp...

Neha Kirpal

Muehlengasse 8, Ebergoetzen, 37136 Goettingen, Lower Saxony
Stadion An Der Speckstrasse
Speckstr. 10, 37073 Goettingen, Lower Saxony
Wiechert’sche Erdbebenwarte
Herzberger Landstrasse 180/182, 37073 Goettingen, Lower Saxony
Botanischer Garten
Untere Karspule 2, Goettingen, Lower Saxony

Started with Berlin with great train ride from Bremen, Germany. Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp (Oranienburg, Germany) I took a slow walk reading all the brutal history. Prisoners were tortured, gassed, incinerated and hanged to death here was a difficult sight. Hanging out with a bunch of hostel friends and not napping throughout the night was a good time to live in. Thanks Sakshi for being there in the city. Back in Bremen, where I stayed for the most and studied for my Summer School at Hochschule Bremen. Schoonr, A place where I found some narrow streets that are still the same that were way back at the time of World War II. Walking around there with those thoughts and saying no word was a comfortable thing to do.
Napping in one of the DB trains to Hamburg was a good ride for a long day to explore and know. St. Micheal's Church and its story was first on my list. Followed by Stadpark, Hamburg. Attending mini concerts at the fish market. And spent my other half of the day at Moenckebergstrasse and around the city central. Town's best chicken burger at Burgerlich was a must try!
Montag: Willkommen to Frankfurt“Gutenmorgen” was the first word I heard as I stepped off the plane at Frankfurt airport. The neat and clean city has a cosmopolitan and modern character, complete with block-shaped houses, tall, square-shaped steel buildings, and several banks and other offices. I crossed the famous 'Working Man' statue in downtown Frankfurt, which embodies the true nature of labour laws in the city.

About Gottingen

Mittwoch: In the land of research and cultureThe next day, I went across to visit the charming little university town of Göttingen. 'Mais Dieu que les roses sont belles a Göttingen, a Göttingen …' is what the French singer Barbara had once sung about its beautiful roses. Set in the south of Lower Saxony in the heart of Germany, Göttingen is popularly called the City of Science. It is one of north Germany's 'wonderful nine' cities along with Braunschweig, Celle, Goslar, Hamelin, Hanover, Hildesheim, Lüneburg and Wolfenbüttel. Historical styles of architecture like the Medieval, Renaissance and Reformation stare back at you as you float through the lanes of Göttingen.

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