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11 Days
Israel: From The Red Sea To The Dead Sea

Israel is a country that effectively merges the past and the present in surprising ways. Thi...

Terry Gardner
8 Days
Pilgrimage to the Holy Land - Jordan, Israel, Palestine

Blue pottery at JordanNazareth at nightfallLocal BalconySt. Peters FishIndian Israel FlagsBank in...

Float In The Dead Sea and Much More, Only at Israel: A Holiday Guide

One of the most sacred hot-spots for several religions in the world, Israel is a beautiful countr...

10 Days
Travel Diary from Israel and Jordan

Jordanian countrysideWadi Rum desertRoad through Wadi Rum desertEilat - Red SeaEilatThe Monastery...

Munjal Desai
8 Days
7 days in Israel
7 days in Israel

There is a certain initial aggression that permeates the air here in Israel. I’m n...

12 Days
I Left My Heart in Israel

Traveling to Israel is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity. And while I spent about 10...

Neil Mugas

Tel Aviv-Yafo
One the world’s most ‘hipster’ cities with a wave of bars, luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants, boutique stores, and lively nightclubs, Tel Aviv is unlike its Middle-Eastern neighbors. Blessed with breezy Mediterranean weather, the beaches are exactly what you need on a city break. Swim the warm waters, lay on the soft sand, and walk along the coast from one beach to the next, while stopping for a quick cocktail or a mezze-style meal at one of the many restaurants that dot the area. In Tel Aviv, people are most likely to check out what you’re wearing. The city is home to a thriving fashion scene spearheaded by top designers.Best weather is May-June for beaching.
We reached Jerusalem at 15:00 hours. Jerusalem is known as a holy city in the world. It is the birthplace of three different religions (Judaism, Islam, Christianity) in the world. Jerusalem has been sacred to Judaism for roughly 3000 years, to Christianity for around 2000 years, and to Islam for approximately 1400 years. The 2000 Statistical Yearbook of Jerusalem lists 1204 synagogues, 158 churches, and 73 mosques within the city. Israel is ancient yet among the most developed country in the world.
From there we went to Tabgha, the place where the miracle the multiplication of the loaves and fishes took place. You can still see an early mosaic of the fishes and four loaves of bread (below). The fifth loaf was the one offered on the altar. Then we visited the place along the Sea where Peter was given primacy of the Church: the one who is prime was to be the servant of all. He would be the one to hold his Church together in unity. The catch of fish described in the Gospel just before Peter comes ashore totalled 153, the number of species of fish in the Sea and the number of nations in the world. Again, the message that all belong to Church. There are Twelve Thrones placed along the shore to commemorate the Twelve Apostles.


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