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I was already preparing myself for the wildlife safaris planned at my next stop - the ‘Panna’ tiger reserve.....

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The beautiful view at Panna Tiger Reserve....

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Top Places To Visit in Panna 7 Spots

Near Kilkila River, Panna
Near Panna Bus Depot, Panna

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About Panna

Wondering how the pretty waterfalls and tiger reserves in Madhya Pradesh would be like in July? Well, in one word, flooded! Panna is an extremely pleasing destination in Madhya Pradesh to those who like a touch of history in their vacation. The Panna Tiger Reserve had recently issued a flood warning when several people lost their lives after being washed away by the Ken River, which overflows during the monsoon. The buffer zones of the Panna Tiger Reserve are also closed in July to keep animals privacy during mating season.Better to go to Panna just before the onset of winter in the month of November.

Best Time To Visit Panna

Best time to visit Panna is from October to March

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