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There were several times on this trip where I thought 'this is the happiest moment in my life'. ...

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That being said, the beaches at Phu Quoc are probably the best in the country....

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Phú Quốc

After the traveling frenzy between and in these bustling cities, it’s a great idea to end your trip with three to four days of utter peace and relaxation. The island of Phu Quoc is a one-hour flight south of Saigon. It’s gorgeous!
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About Phu Quoc

Stayed at the Moon Resort in my own private bungalow, but it rained the entire time. Met up with a guy that I had met waiting at the airport and we rode around in the rain on a motorbike. We found this amazing waterfall where all of the locals swim and hang out which I would recommend finding for sure. The night market is okay, seemed like a pretty relaxing atmosphere. We grabbed some beers and sat on a bench up on a rock near the lighthouse and hung out. Unfortunately it only stopped raining at night, so I would go off of someone else's opinion of this place. I'm sure it's lovely but we didn't really get to experience too much.
Phu Quoc

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