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Romancing Europe
Romancing Europe

Written by Shibani Bawa. Picture credits: The Ritz London; Dave and Les Jacobs/GET...

Tankstelle - Die Kneipe
Schwandorfer Strasse 7, 93059, Regensburg, Bavaria
Birretta - Feinste Biere
Posthorngasschen 2, Ecke Goldene Baren Straße, 93047, Regensburg, Bavaria
Fischmarkt 8, 93047, Regensburg, Bavaria
St.Katharina Kirche
St Katharinenplatz, Regensburg, Bavaria
0941 Bar
Domplatz 3, 93047, Regensburg, Bavaria
Obere Bachgasse 8, 93047, Regensburg, Bavaria

When it comes to visiting the #DeutchLand, most of the people will suggest you visit during #OctoberFest or during #ChristmasMarket season.Unfortunately, i planned in such a hurry that my travel dates sit exactly on the calendar in between these events. I was kind of worried if this trip is not going to be as good as I was expecting :( Let's find out together how it went ;) Germany offers so many things to see and experience, especially Munich is one of the places where every individual will find his happy place. Therefore I decided to pick this place adding a new page in my travel book.
Montag: Willkommen to Frankfurt“Gutenmorgen” was the first word I heard as I stepped off the plane at Frankfurt airport. The neat and clean city has a cosmopolitan and modern character, complete with block-shaped houses, tall, square-shaped steel buildings, and several banks and other offices. I crossed the famous 'Working Man' statue in downtown Frankfurt, which embodies the true nature of labour laws in the city.

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