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Isolated in the south-western Pacific for millions of years, New Zealand continues to hold its own secrets even today....

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Rotorua, New Zealand
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Rotorua, New Zealand
Take a flight from Christchurch to Rotorua, the Maori and geothermal hub of New Zealand, and also LOTR town! We 'SuperShuttled' to our acco. Walk into the city (about 2km) to check out one of the most photographed buildings in New Zealand - the Rotorua museum, and other local attractions and go for a Hobbitton tour - they pick you up from the city center and drop you off too.
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8. Sun Protection and Anti-tan lotion: Sun heat though not scorching but has strong impact. During my trip, i lost so much color because of not using Protection lotion and this thing I realised only after coming back from the trip.SO MAKE SURE YOU CARRY SUN PROTECTION OF 35 SPF PLUS UVB.9.Money/ travel cards/forex cards

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