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There are several nuraghes one can explore in Sardinia apart from the Santu Antine....

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Sardinia, Italy
There are few places that blend dramatic scenery, old-world history, and stellar food culture as beautifully as Sardinia. In early summer, wildflowers color the island, cherries are at their juiciest, and many regions are surprisingly tourist free. Several new small hotels complement the setting.
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Via della Marina, 07021 Porto Cervo, Arzachena OT, Italy
The Yacht Club Costa Smeralda was established by Aga Khan is 1967. It is located at Porto Cervo in northern Sardinia and provides recreational sailors with a ton of services. Although the clubs history has been shorter than most significant European yacht clubs, in its short existence it has become an influential force in both sailing races as well as in the organization of major yachting events. The club overlooks the azure waters of the harbour and is capable of hosting some of the largest private sail and motor yachts in Europe. It often caters to the appetites of their billionaire members. The rocky section of the Sardinian coastline has a spectacular view and is complimented by the high-end luxury hotels all around. One can rent a sailing yacht for the day starting from 500 Euros and the guide will teach you how to flip the sails!
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