Stockholm Tourism & Travel Guide

6 Days
My Stockholm Diary (Sweden Memoirs)

Day Time view of Gamla Stan (Old Town)Night View if Gamla Stan(Old Town)A walk through the Old To...

2 Days
Overwhelming Stockholm- Part III

After the previous day’s running around some of our friends were worn out and decided to re...

4 Days
Exploring Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, The Heart of ScandiviaThe Vibrant Colors of its magnificant ArchiteThe magic of Gamla ...

Richard Mahida
2 Days
Overwhelming Stockholm- Part I

Before, I begin let me warn you, as I always do. This is the first of the four part series of lon...

Stockholm: A Swede Spot

Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, was my next pit stop in my three week long European backp...

Neelendra Nath
2 Days
Overwhelming Stockholm- Part II

After a dull and damp day, weather gods showed some mercy and let sun smile brightly on our secon...


About Stockholm

I started off with Stockholm or as they call it "The Venice of the North". Almost a week in Stockholm, spending the whole of Christmas week there, I saw some incredible places and experienced some of the best Swedish traditions. Not to miss, the city that was lonely on Christmas eve (no body on the streets and most of the stores were shut), caught up to a running life soon after. Right from fancy museums to watching the gloomy sky change colors over all of Stockholm, I had some off the track experiences or what I'd rather call as "The Artists Galore". Think of it! If you just end up visiting the main streets of the city or the headlined museums or touristy spots what new have you done? It would feel like 'just another European city' with nothing different to mark. I am among the ones to learn of the history of a place and watch out for the rarer experiences. After all travel is about indulging in newer experiences! Delve a little deeper and you'll find each city has a soul of its own.

Best Time To Visit Stockholm

Best time to visit Stockholm is from May to October

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