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My Zagreb vacation

As I swept through the internet on travel websites looking for my holiday destination, nothing ha...

9 Days
Croatia Is A Stunning European Destination You Can Visit For The Price Of An Asian Country

Croatia is a stunning eastern-European country, which has been around for only 25 years. Yes! A y...

11 Days
Croatia is Beautiful

Statue of Nikola Tesla who was born in Croatia but lived his life in the USAStreet Art in ZagrebT...

Priti Turakhia
4 Days
The Universe's Unexpected Gift to Me… Croatia

I was taking some walking tour in  Berlin when someone told me Croatia had just joined the E...

Surya Bhattacharya
7 Reasons why Croatia must be on your bucket list

Europe's underdog, Croatia, is unspoiled and overlooked. With its pristine beaches, untouched isl...

Abhigya Shrivastava
Edivo Vina Is The World's First Underwater Winery: Go Diving Here For A Good Bottle Of Wine

Think picture perfect coastal towns. Think glittering blue waters set against a white pebbly shor...

Sonalika Debnath

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"If you walk into a coffee shop in 1903 Vienna, you might find at the same table Sigmund Freud, the artist Gustav Klimt,...
Before leaving Treviso, I certainly fulfilled my promise to myself of going back to the places that I had visited on my ...
We spent a day at Trieste (Northeast Italy) and it was like a Magic. Even though it is under Venezia, you can see Austri...
The first step in Bratislava was a moment of magic. Capital of Slovakia, Bratislava embraced us with its basket of uniqu...
Stay: Hostel Sleeping Beauty DAY 4Ughwaitz (Chukki) from Spain and Aasia from Morocco became my closest companions from ...

About Zagreb

Croatia’s capital is an underrated destination waiting to be explored. It is not as popular as Dubrovnik or Split, but is a quintessential metropolitan city combining elegant 19th century buildings with plenty of cultural divisions and a vibrant cafe life. It is a great place to discover charming boutiques selling unique dresses, shopping for souvenirs, and tasting local delicacies. It is also a good place to visit undulating hills and charming villages nearby.

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