11 Signs You Are Becoming A Traveler

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"Travel makes a wise man better, and a fool worse." - Thomas Fuller

Ever wondered the reason for your growing love for traveling? Why do you want to visit every city in the world or the reason for you wanting a remote job?

Maybe your turning into a serial traveler and not realizing! These signs might help-

1. You don't like staying at home on weekends anymore

While usually people stay at home on the weekends to do laundry and grocery shopping, you hate this routine. 'one day trip from Bangalore' or 'places to see around Pune' are your kind of Google searches.

2. You always have a trip in mind

Maybe not for the coming weekend, but you always have someplace to go. You are always ready to travel, you just need someone to fuel that spark and to go along.

3. You plan your next trip while you are already on one

The most interesting discussion for you while returning from a trip is about where to go next. You start to check the calendar for holidays and long weekends.

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4. You never stop thinking about your next destination

You always think about the kind of pictures you're gonna take at that place and you mark points on the map. You even save posts on Instagram for photo ideas.

5. You get furious when you don't have a plan

It just makes you sick.

6. You often find yourself looking up tickets to your dream destinations

You keep checking the travel websites for offers and deals. And you are very well aware the tips and tricks. Incognito mode ;)

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7. You have a playlist named 'Safarnama' or 'Road trip' on your phone

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And those full of fantastic songs. If you want suggestions, here's a sample playlist.

8. You badly want to have a giant world map on your wall

Or maybe you already have one. This one's still a dream for me.

9. You follow travel bloggers on social media and envy their travel posts

You follow them to get travel goals but at the same time you envy their cool lifestyle.

10. You call yourself a travel blogger

You even write and tell your travel tales to people.

11. You want to make a living while traveling the world

Just like those travel bloggers, you want to quit your job and go traveling around the world. And somehow make money out of it. This is your ultimate goal and think about this every now and then.

Could you relate to any of the points above? Let me know in the comments below or shoot me a DM on Instagram!

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