5 Places In South Goa That You Simply Cannot Miss!


Epic sunset at Cola Beach!

Photo of 5 Places In South Goa That You Simply Cannot Miss! by Anandita Pattnaik

Goa + December = Partyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

But if that is not really your cup of tea and you're looking for something offbeat and tranquil yet for an equally happening time head down to South Goa.

5. Palolem

The beach huts in Palolem beach become functional every year from November to April. Located Just a few meters from the sea, the best part is that the sound of waves that would put you to sleep. The serenity of that sleep is epic and believe me you'd end up wanting to goto sleep like that for the rest of your life.

Rent a Kayak (for 150 INR) and head into the sea to enjoy the exquisite sunset! It is so calm, quiet, and you feel so in sync with the energy of the universe.

In the morning go on a boat ride to Honeymoon island (inaccessible otherwise) and Butterfly beach and enjoy some dolphin sighting en route. Be sure to haggle with the boatmen cause they tend to state rip-off prices.

4. Galgibag Beach

The beach is a protected site for turtle nesting. It is very clean and has only a few shacks underneath the canopy of tall coconut trees. Interestingly, the river Talpona embarks upon its final journey to meet the Arabian sea offering a magnificient sight.

Also, there are 2 routes from Palolem to Galgibag beach, so be sure to take the one that goes via the Sadolxem bridge. It is one of the bluest bridge surrounded by lovely natural beauty. It’s so tiny that only one car can pass at a time.

3. Cabo De Rama Fort

This offbeat fort ( well, we all know the cliched fort made super famous due to the movie dil chahta hai - Chapora Fort ) is massive! You can explore the entire expanse all on your own. And each side has a different but equally spectacular view to offer. You can also head down the fort to have a rendezvous with the Arabian Sea.

2. Kakolem Beach

Trek down to this stunning beach lined by tall coconut trees. The resorts here are pretty expensive so I'd suggest (if you're a budget traveller like me) that you enjoy some drinks and watch the sun set behind the sea and head on to Cola beach.

1. Cola Beach


The ride to this beach is kind of bumpy as there are no proper roads. But it is worth the trouble. There is a fresh water stream that originates 6-8km upstream and flows down to meet the sea. The hues I witnessed at this place during the sunset was mind-blowing.

I stayed at this property called Casa Diya, the very last one on the beach, right in front of the water with sea facing cosy little cottages strategically built on the rocks for just 1300 INR per night. Exactly what I wanted!

Do try some amazing Goan style Maggie at Casa Diya. The chef there is simply superb!

Also, if you have got your own tent (like I did) then you can camp out at the beach and just chill. Explore the entire area on your own. The people around were very friendly and even lit a bonfire for me.

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