7 Perks you can earn by travelling solo

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Whenever it come to perks, everyone has a broad smile on their face. It’s a sort of gift that everyone desires for all the effort they have put in something. Likewise, travelling solo comes with a unique set of benefits, which one has to discover alone. It might sound difficult, but you’re going to love the process of achieving the perks and you, will definitely cherish it forever. Here listing all the perks of travelling solo:

  • High chances of making new friends
    Since you’re a freshman in the place and you hardly know anybody, you can meet locals on your way and develop a good bonding with them. Whether it’s an enquiry about a place or you are in a public transport, cursing the traffic or the government or comparing each other’s city (my city has metro, mine has local trains and so on), you can definitely make a mark in people’s heart, with such simple talks.
  • Rate of exploring a place hikes up
    Since you’re travelling on your own terms, all by yourself, you have ample space(free of tantrums and objections from anyone) and time(no more clicking selfies with so-called friends or chatting and stopping by, at unnecessary places) to cover up most of the places that are there in your itinerary. You are a free bird on the trip.
  • Become independent
    Water bottles, camera, extra pair of clothes, charged pair of batteries, all checked by you. Now even you can make your own decisions. All this will teach you, how to be self-reliant and responsible for your belongings, which is indeed a good thing.
  • Save expenses by staying at a local friend/relatives place
    Now this is a catch, relatives hardly mind if only one guest (that too, the one who just needs shelter to sleep at night) stays at their place. This in turn is a huge money saver, else if you would’ve come with friends then well-furnished-ac-tv-luxury-star-studded hotel (perhaps with a good scenic view) would have eaten up your budget. You may also borrow your friend/relative’s vehicle, here goes one more money-saving tip.
  • No more money transactions tussles after the trip
    There is no need to calculate ‘hisaab’ or check your Splitwise (expense splitting app) after the trip, just settle up all the memories in your mind which you’ve collected from trip. Indeed, a profitable trip on the scale of memories and experiences.
  • Become a fighter
    Walking across the streets in an unknown land alone can sometimes lead to problems such as theft, getting lost or any other mishap. So, who’s going to face this challenge? Who will tackle the real world? Who will figure out ways? Who will pass all the hurdles? It’s you, my dear fighter-friend.
  • Dig deeper and discover yourself
    Ever wondered why all saints and poets go to a far-away land? Just to stay in peace, which gives them fresh ideas or a new way of life. So it’s all good, to be alone at a beautiful-magnificent-scenic place and think where your life is going, what is happening around in the world and how to get out of all the difficulties. You never know, you might find right path of life on the trip.

I urge you to take at least one solo trip in your life, it will open your mind about the world and you might as well turn into a travel philosopher like us.