25 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo Before You Are 25!

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Traveling is more than a passion or hobby. It is a stress buster, a lesson, an experience, and above all, it is an feeling that can’t be explained in words. If there are three things, I could do all my life (except eating, breathing, and kissing, of course), it would be to read, write, and travel! While traveling with a gang is super fun, traveling solo is even a better story. Well, I have compiled a few reasons on why you should travel solo. Here you go:

  1. There is no better company than yourself!
  2. Travelling is a great opportunity to fall in love, and travelling solo makes you fall in love with yourself.
  3. The logistics and schedule are way simpler, it is just you and your convenience.
  4. You can do whatever you want: Trek, camp, stay in a posh resort, play by poolside, sleep all day, smoke, smoke up, and what not!
  5. You needn’t do what you don’t want… Not necessarily every Goa trip needs to be a booze party, if you don’t like something, you don’t need to do it as it is all about you!
  6. The sense of absolute freedom gives you a high that no alcohol can ever give.
  7. You can shed those inhibitions and fears.
  8. Meeting new people is just amazing. If you are with your gang, it is human nature to not mingle with new people as you might feel safe in your comfort zone, but travelling alone makes you come out of that zone and meet people.
  9. It is less drama! Every gang has a guy/girl who advises everyone not to smoke, drink, or be nocturnal. There will be a friend, who no matter how much you love will still make plans for the whole lot of you. Cut the drama for once, and travel solo!
  10. Perks are awesome: Many hotels, guest houses, and resorts have a great respect for people who travel alone, and at times, you get those little perks like a free spa or drink!
  11. You get money-smart! If you are a person who can’t manage your own finances, take the risk and travel solo! You will get to face the music and learn from it.
  12. Spending on oneself: After 25, you get that wedding sword hang on top of your head, and this is the time you need to know yourself and spend on yourself before taking up the big jump.
  13. Feeling of being empowered! Being alone is way better than being lonely. Being alone and travelling gives you a feeling of being empowered and royal.
  14. Know how strong you are: You never how strong the tea is until you put it in boiling water; likewise, you just don’t know how strong you are until you are put in a “you-are-alone-on-this” situation.
  15. Makes you truly independent. When you travel solo, you don’t have to ask your friend or partner about what they want to eat, what they want to do, or depend on them to decide the itinerary.
  16. You will start trusting some people. If you always had trust issues, traveling solo makes you trust random people’s advice and opinion, especially if you are new to the city and the GPS goofs up.
  17. You will stop trusting some people. You are on your own, and that makes you vulnerable to a lot of issues, and you will realize that not everyone are trustworthy.
  18. It is way cheaper! When you travel with a gang, although you feel that you are sharing the expenses, you are actually not. When you share bills of hotels, eateries, etc., it might come to a minimal amount, but if you are a scanty-eating person, if you are someone who prefers to trek and see than having a guide, or if you love to stay in motels that resorts, then you are saving a lot as you don’t have to compromise.
  19. You will learn to adjust. As much as solo travel teaches you not to compromise, it also teaches you to adjust and let go of your ego! You won’t end up ruining your mood by picking up fights in a pub or tourist spot as you would be pretty sure that you don’t have a friend to hold your back when you involve in these, so naturally, you adjust.
  20. Your whole perspective about the world changes. When you travel in a group, your mind would be occupied with various issues due to the presence of so many people near you, but when you are alone, even a simple place looks interesting, different, and exploring.
  21. You become spiritual. Yeah, I am not joking here. Traveling solo makes you question yourself every now and then. Also, it makes you see things from a different front.
  22. You will learn to fix issues. When you get lost and then get back on track in your trip, without anyone’s help, it kind of helps you to fix issues in your life on a longer run, without anyone’s help.
  23. Absence makes heart grow fonder. If you are in a relationship that seems to be on a wavy side, or if you have issues with family and friends, travelling solo makes you forget those causes a yearning and fondness to go back to them.
  24. You will stop being the model and start being the photographer. At one point you will be bored of clicking selfies and try to concentrate on the places and people that are worth to be clicked.
  25. You find a whole new you! Trust me, after traveling solo, you will never, I mean NEVER, be the same person again!

Traveling by itself is fun, but traveling solo is more than just fun. If you think you can handle these changes in your life, then please pack your backpacks and GO!