A trip to become a successful Forex trader


Is It Really Easy To Become A Successful Forex Trader?

Today it is only a matter of hours to become a forex trader. All you have to do is register at a forex brokerage and start trading. But really speaking to be a success is not that simple. It takes many years of hard work to be a successful forex trader. Statistics show that more than 95% of registered currency traders do not make a substantial profit from stock exchange operations. If you start trading right after reading some online currency trading tutorials, you may find some initial success, but in the long run you probably lose. So what is the secret mantra of becoming a successful forex trader? Well, you learn the basics of the forex market. You need to learn how currency movements in the world are affected by the world economy and apply knowledge during trading. This knowledge cannot be obtained in a few days or a few months of study. It comes after years of experience that you gain through repeated failure and success in real-time trading.

Become a long-term currency trader

First, we need to know how the price of the currency is affected and how we can track the price movement. Experts believe that two types of analysis are needed to track the foreign exchange market. These are: technical analysis and basic analysis. Before we go into detail, we need to know that there are two types of players in the forex market. Who comes in search of fast money and can start with success, but in the long run they certainly fail. The other types of fully funded trading account are the ones that make it successful in the long run. So all we have to talk about here is about becoming runners for a long time.

Basic Elements of Basic Currency Trading Analysis

According to economists, the basic analysis involves the task of studying the world economy, especially the factors that influence the movement of the currency's price. Learning these basic price movement indicators will help you become a successful long-term currency trader. The list of these indicators includes the following: interest rates provided by central banks in a country, the state of the housing sector in a country, the level of inflammation in a country, the economic growth of a country, etc. All these factors will help you understand a country's sense of the world economy and how the government will respond in terms of the value of its currency. Although you need to know these factors thoroughly when dealing with the currency of a particular country, there are some good players in the world economy. A slight change in the sentiment of these important countries can affect the entire world economy. One of these countries is China, which has become a world economic power in recent times. Then there is the most developed economy in the world: the United States economy that needs no explanation. It is a very short list of basic factors affecting the world economy, but it will certainly help you decide which currency pair to choose according to the current market scenario and, of course, what your next operation should be with that pair. currency.

Importance of technical analysis in currency trading

Thousands of currency cards and pricing patterns are available in the currency market. To get the required information from this unwanted data and reduce unnecessary noise, you definitely need a technical analysis. There are forex traders who do forex trading during the day. For them, the most important thing is to analyze the market through technical tools. There are many reasons to use technical analysis when trading currency. First, it gives you a basic idea of ​​what has already happened in the market in a more concise way and has the opportunity to guess the next operation. There are many tools available to make the correct assumption.

The moment to start trading Forex

Although it is equipped with technical and basic analysis, do not jump into operation right away. Take the time to learn the concepts. Many forex brokerage companies provide you with a virtual platform on which you can conduct your exchange operations. This virtual platform is just a duplicate of the real one; The only difference is that it does not deal with real money. Only after gaining sufficient confidence will you need to start your journey to become a successful forex trader.