Choosing the Best Driveway Alarm System


Being a homeowner means that you should put importance to the safety and security of your family. This means that you have to observe means and methods to protect your family against intruders and other unfortunate events. And one way to safeguard our family is by installing a security system in your house or a driveway alarm system. It may sound like an easy task, but choosing the right type of driveway alarm can be very tricky especially for those who are unfamiliar with driveway alarms. Here are several helpful pointers to help you choose the best driveway alarm system and secure your home today.

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Wired Versus Wireless

There are two distinct types of driveway alarms, which include wired and wireless driveway alarms. Newer brands or models are usually wireless. But there are still advantages in using wired driveway alarms. The most notable advantage of using wired driveway alarms is the fact that it is generally more reliable. Of course, it is easier to install wireless alarm systems but you will have to change batteries every once in a while.

Range or Distance

In choosing a driveway alarm, it is also important to consider the range or distance between the sensor and the receiver. This means that you have to choose a driveway alarm that can cover your entire driveway to guarantee theft protection. For those who opt for wired driveway alarm, you have to make sure that the wire is long enough to protect the entire driveway.

Alert Types

Surprised? Apparently, you also need to take into consideration the type of alert tone that comes with the driveway alarm. If you are a heavy sleeper, then you need to have an alert system that can wake you up from your slumber. You may opt for a call alert rather than a simple alert sound from the receiver. Also, there are several models that come with vibrating and visual alerts. These types of alert system are also great if you want to keep your business safe.

Detection Method

Of course, you don't want your driveway alarm to alert you every time something or someone goes into your yard. Apparently, if your alarm system cannot sort between a wild animal and a neighborhood cat then that might be a nuisance. You certainly don't want to be alerted every time a friendly cat wanders around your yard. With this, you have to make sure that your driveway alarm system can sort out animals, vehicles or people you need to be alerted with. You may have to pay more for this, but it will be definitely worth it.


Most people would say that a reliable driveway alert system comes with a price tag. This isn't always the case. There are a number of brands that provide reliable protection system for a very reasonable price. You don't have to shell out thousands of dollars to give your family ample protection against burglars and intruders. What you can do is to simply check out product reviews from real and honest clients and seek for their opinion about the product.

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