Flavors of Nilgiris

17th Dec 2017

Nilgiris has its own piquancy to attract travellers across the globe.It has various flavors in the form of mountains,tea,spices,rose and botanical gardens,Biosphere reserves and wildlife sanctuaries and chocolate industries.

Photo of Flavors of Nilgiris 1/9 by Somnath
Ooty  lake
Photo of Flavors of Nilgiris 2/9 by Somnath

Lets first get a glimpse of thee tea gardens of Nilgiris which are spread across the ecosystem of the Nilgiris biosphere reserves and Munnar.The tea gardens are famous and are owned by the government and some by the private landlords.The tea leaves are plucked and exported worldwide and serves as the one of the biggest industry in the region.

Photo of Flavors of Nilgiris 3/9 by Somnath
The Botaniccal gardens at Ooty

Secondly we have the famous botanical gardens and the rose gardens in Kodaikanal and Ooty that makes the nation proud of natural glory and opulence.They are the best in the region and treasures indigenous plants of various species.

Photo of Flavors of Nilgiris 4/9 by Somnath
Chocolate factories
Photo of Flavors of Nilgiris 5/9 by Somnath
Pine trees at Kodaikanal

Thirdly we have the chocolate museums and factories spread across the region which is thee first of its kind in the country and are manufactured and sold in plastic boxes and containers containing various flavors.We also have the different varieties of oils being sold to cure cough,cold,fever,body aches and pain and give some relief.

Photo of Flavors of Nilgiris 6/9 by Somnath
Chocolate factories at ooty
Photo of Flavors of Nilgiris 7/9 by Somnath
Tea gardens at Nilgiris 

Lastly we have the ecosystem prevailing in the region which is known as the Nilgiris biosphere reserve that comprises of four wildlife sanctuaries from three different states of Tamil nadu,Kerela and Karnataka.These sanctuaries are very famous and the wild can be tracked in various forms in the form of tigers,elephants,leopards,sloth bear,peacocks,muntjac and thee chitals.

Photo of Flavors of Nilgiris 8/9 by Somnath
The Nilgiris biosphere reserve at bandipur
Photo of Flavors of Nilgiris 9/9 by Somnath
Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary

Nilgiris therefore add charisma to the entire biosphere and makes the country proud of natural glory and heritage. 

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