Ganga Kinare - A Riverside Boutique Hotel - For A Soulful Stay ! 

Photo of Ganga Kinare - A Riverside Boutique Hotel - For A Soulful Stay ! by Sharmila Chand

Hotel Review

 Located right on the banks of The Ganges, ‘GANGA KINARE -  A Riverside Boutique Hotel’ is a charming retreat in the blissful destination Rishikesh, a land where travelers get to experience a beautiful mix of spirituality and Mother Nature. 

The luxurious property, established in 1986, provides guests with unparalleled views of the tranquil river and the greens of the Rajaji National Park, one of North India’s expansive sanctuaries and a melting pot of diverse flora and fauna.

Special Welcome 

On arrival at the spacious lively lobby, guests are gently welcomed in a traditional style with Aarti and Tilak as a blessing from the The Ganges, and this sets the tone for a perfect feel of a home away from home.


The boutique Resort boasts of well-appointed rooms & Suites equipped with all modern amenities to fulfill guests’ needs.

 Lotus Suites - Approx 550 sq. feet in size, on the highest floor of the hotel, these suites have been thoughtfully designed with space efficient straight line furniture and comfortable four poster beds with all modern day amenities. They have the grandest view of the holy river Ganges and the Rajaji National Park. The room has designated dining and living area with spacious bathroom having bath tub and shower space.

Premium Rooms are 320 sq. feet rooms having 180° uninterrupted view of the Holy River Ganga and the forest. These rooms are tastefully decorated in warm tones, lending an inviting feel to the room. Offering a Queen size bed, air-conditioning, a TV with satellite channels, wardrobe and 24-hour room and laundry service, these rooms are ideal for leisure travelers.

 Family Room is aesthetically designed, well-ventilated, 430 sq feet with two queen sized double bed offering a plethora of high-end amenities. The room looks very inviting with warm colour tone and provides all modern day amenities.


Jal & Jalebi – All Day Dining

 A lively multi-cuisine restaurant serving comfort food and continental delicacies, with al fresco dining areas, is the talk of the town.

Donning the look of a snug and sunlit riverside eatery by day, Jal & Jalebi metamorphoses into a candlelit gourmet dining lounge in the evening. The riveting panorama of river, greens and the mountain range looks beautiful through the windows and spill into the lounge. The service is very warm and personalized. They take care of every guest’s needs and curate menus accordingly.

Yoga At The Retreat

As Rishikesh is India's most sought after yoga destination, the property offers Yoga and Meditation sessions at Yog Ganga, Rooftop Meditation and Yoga Hall, in the perfect setting by the The Ganges with the backdrop of the Shivalik mountains.

Guests can take group workshops or daily morning lessons and can choose from a range of basic to complex routines for the experienced.

 Ayur Ganga Spa

Guests looking for relaxation can opt for a spa therapy as here the therapists have expertise in traditional and international spa regimes. Ayurvedic spa treatments are offered that are customized to guests’ particular needs. The spa is well equipped with a steam room, pleasing interiors, original Kerala massage beds, authentic in-house massage oils and to top it all – a professional and highly trained team to provide authentic Indian and western massage therapies while ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and warmth.

Take A Stroll Or Enjoy At The Gaming Zone

For family free time, guests can indulge in board games or try a hand at playing Table Tennis and Football. The best way to relax is take a walk alongside the river, soak in the sight of the mountains, forest and revel in the sheer cornucopia of the surroundings.

Open Air Whirlpool at Machan

Relax over a nice latte at the Open Air whirlpool at Machan, the resort’s mid-level terrace amidst the natural lush surroundings during the day or under the star-lit sky at night. Spend your evenings watching a picturesque sunset from here with unparalleled views of the Ganges and the forest beyond.

Private Ghat at Ganga Kinare Rishikesh

GANGA KINARE by Holywater Hotels enjoys a location like none other. Situated right on the banks of the holy river Ganga, this hotel is blessed with its own private Ganga Ghat and is the only hotel in rishikesh that is blessed with such close uninterrupted proximity to the holy river. Regular meditation and yoga sessions are conducted at this spot. The hotel also organizes daily morning and evening Ganga Aarti at this private ghat. Guests who wish to take a dip in the holy river can do so. The hotel arranges bathing robes and life jackets as an exclusive service.

Ganga Aarti At The In-House Temple

The retreat offers complete spiritual immersion everyday at sunrise and sunset. The ceremony commences with the singing of bhajans, mantra chants and  Aarti – it is truly a magical experience when the lamps are lit and in-house priests let all guests join in the rituals.

 HOLYWATER by Ganga Kinare

HOLYWATER by Ganga Kinare is the sister property of Ganga Kinare - A Riverside Boutique Hotel located only 150m walking distance from the main compound. Guests can also call it the ANNEXE of Ganga Kinare. While this property caters to budget travellers, guests at HOLYWATER can also enjoy all the inclusions of the main property GANGA KINARE like Private Ganga Ghat, Ganga Aarti, Spiritual Walk, Yoga & Meditation, Gaming Lounge, Family Entertainment Lounge, Ayur Ganga Spa and much more.

 Spiritual and Cultural Walk

Guests are offered to take a walk by the bank of the holy River Ganga on the pathway ‘Astha Path’ up to Triveni Ghat. In this guided tour the guests are briefed about the spiritual and cultural aspect of Rishikesh. A perfect activity to soak in the calmness of the river flowing by while being escorted by the in-house guide.

Overall, the property blends elegance and simplicity beautifully to create a memorable holiday experience. Due to all luxurious comforts, warm hospitality and doting staff, no wonder guests and many celebrities come here regularly for exclusive immersions.


GANGA KINARE- A Riverside Boutique Hotel

237, Virbhadra Road Rishikesh,

Uttarakhand – 249201

Chef Bhatt and Saurabh at Varr -The Temple Cuisine Restaurant

Photo of Ganga Kinare - A Riverside Boutique Hotel - For A Soulful Stay ! by Sharmila Chand

Amazing view of The Ganges inside the hotel

Photo of Ganga Kinare - A Riverside Boutique Hotel - For A Soulful Stay ! by Sharmila Chand

Me happy at Varr Restaurant

Photo of Ganga Kinare - A Riverside Boutique Hotel - For A Soulful Stay ! by Sharmila Chand

Special Evening Aarti At The Hotel

Photo of Ganga Kinare - A Riverside Boutique Hotel - For A Soulful Stay ! by Sharmila Chand

Evening Aarti at In House Temple of the hotel

Photo of Ganga Kinare - A Riverside Boutique Hotel - For A Soulful Stay ! by Sharmila Chand