Hotel Trip From Andorra. Which One To Take?

15th Aug 2018
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Andorra is a vivid example of the complete harmony between globalization and its own cultural values, building a future, they do not forget their traditions here. Known to all skiers of the world, Andorra is located in the Pyrenees, between France and Spain. It is one of the largest small countries in Europe. The favorable location, excellent climate and hospitality of the local population made it a mecca of ski tourism. To all the advantages it should be added that this is one of the safest countries in Europe.

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Being, by our standards a tiny country, Andorra does not have international airports or train stations. But it has a perfectly developed network of modern highways that connect it with its neighbors - Spain and France. Thus, you can get into the country only through its neighbors. In fact, it is very convenient, thanks to the large number of bus routes that will take you to any point of Andorra from France or Spain.

Andorra dates the beginning of its history in 805, just then the Principality was founded by Charles the Great, finally formed in the 13th century. For a long time the country was under the joint rule of Spain and France, and only in 1993 the first constitution of the country was created Andorra and the principality gained independence. Andorra is the only parliamentary alliance in the world headed by two societies with a personal and exclusive title.

Andorra is characterized by a hot summer and a cold winter with an abundance of snow cover. In winter, Andorra is ideal for all kinds of sports in the snow. Just look at these facts:

The total length of the tracks is more than 300 km.

3075 hectares for skiing.

More than 120 lifts.

More than 1400 snow cannons.

But Andorra is attractive for tourists not only in winter. There are plenty of opportunities for recreation all year round. In summer, you can have a great time on the shores of more than 80 lakes, admiring the beauty of the mountains. Many tourist and eco routes have been developed here to get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the country. A great place for a family holiday is the adventure park NaturLANDia. Rest here is at the same time and rest, and familiarity with nature. In the park there is the longest toboggan in the world, with a length of 5 km.

Fans of extreme tourism and outdoor activities will gladly try the trails in the bike parks of Vallnord and GrandValira. There are also opportunities for fishing, rock climbing, golfing, horse riding and hiking.

As early as the 1980s, Andorra relied on the development of health and spa tourism and became almost a pioneer in this direction among the countries of Europe. Caldea and Inuu together constitute the largest entertainment and recreation complex in Southern Europe. Here everything is to restore your beauty and health: procedures, the most modern equipment and world-class experts.

Another important reason for visiting Andorra is shopping. To the services of tourists more than 1500 shops, working 361 days a year. You are waiting for goods and services of the highest quality, because Andorra is considered the best place for an elite shopping at affordable prices. The world's leading brands present exclusive collections here. Another plus of this country - andorra hotels cheapest booking! Here you can easily settle in a cheap hotel that we can afford for everyone who wants.

The culture of Andorra was influenced in many ways by the Doroman and Roman epochs. She was also influenced by the neighbors. On the territory of the country there are more than 40 Romanesque churches, monuments and museums. The routes "Following the tracks of Iron", "Rural Andorra" and "Farga Rossel" will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of the country and to learn its identity. In Andorra, ancient customs and traditions are carefully preserved, so here every year festivals, concerts and theatrical performances take place.

Andorran cuisine is diverse and rich. There are more than 450 restaurants in the country. Here you can taste French, Spanish and mountain cuisine. All dishes are prepared from fresh products supplied by the best local farms and farms.

Recommended hotels in Andorra

Best Andorra Center 4 * is a city hotel in the heart of Andorra, close to all commercial and entertainment infrastructure. The last renovation of the hotel took place in 2015. The hotel has an excellent spa center. The bus stop is near the hotel and the nearest ski lifts are 8-10 minutes away.

Jan Hotel President 4 * is located 500 meters from the center of Andorra la Vella. Hotel for an economical, but comfortable accommodation, the last renovation in 2005. To the lift 8-10 minutes by bus, stop at 300 meters from the hotel. The hotel has a children's room. The chip of the hotel is a gorgeous observation deck overlooking the mountains on the top floor.

Hotansa Magic Andorra 4 * is a very high-quality hotel that was renovated in 2014. The hotel is located in the heart of Andorra la Vella, overlooking the river. 100 meters from the hotel is the largest shopping center.

Carlemany 4 * is a hotel in the Escaldes area, built here one of the first in the immediate vicinity of the thermal spring "Caldea". The hotel has an excellent spa center, which is absolutely free for hotel guests. The hotel has Russian-speaking staff and a free shuttle service is provided for the ski lifts.

Hotansa Magic La Massana 4 * - as the name implies, the hotel is located in the area of ​​La Massana, the distance to the ski lift is only 100 meters. The hotel has its own wonderful SPA-center, the number of rooms in excellent condition. There are Russian-speaking staff. The whole infrastructure is in the immediate vicinity of the hotel.

 Espel 3 * is a modern and very popular hotel in Escaldes near the thermal spring "Caldea", recently renovated. The hotel offers excellent value for money. A bus stop is a 2-minute walk away.

Cosmos 3 * is another hotel in Escaldes, which last year acquired an excellent children's club and most recently was renovated. All rooms are made in light colors, very comfortable and spacious. The hotel has a building with apartments, which can accommodate a family of up to 8 people. The hotel has Russian-speaking staff and a free shuttle service is provided for the ski lifts.

Coray 3 * - a wonderful family hotel in Encamp, the distance to the ski lifts is only 500 meters, the bus stop is 50 meters from the hotel.

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