How to disinfect your aeroplane seat against Coronavirus?


With COVID-19 wreaking havoc across the world, all travel plans are strictly discouraged. Yet, if you have an emergency and cannot avoid taking a flight, this is how you can secure your seat. While there is no foolproof way to sanitise your airspace from Coronavirus or such infections, following these steps is the best that can be done.

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Wash your hands, face, and then sanitize your plane seat as well. Repeat this in case of a longer flight. Remember that cleaning your hands and face needs is of utmost importance.

Coronavirus can survive on hard surfaces, including seat trays, touch screens, door handles; using a disinfectant on these surfaces can kill the virus. But again, before that, the possibility of you touching your hand is much more than touching any of these surfaces. So again, keep your hands clean. Use soap and water if you can to cleanse your hands.

If you can, choose a window seat for your travel. It is, by far, the safest seat in any plane, with the least chances of any human interaction. When you are in the corner on a window seat, your chances of interactions are minimum.

While you can definitely clean the clean the hard surfaces, seat belt buckles and all around, you need to be wary of touching any of these surfaces in the first place.

Avoid using the bathroom when you are on a flight; even without Coronavirus, public bathrooms can be home to bacterias and viruses of all sorts. So yes, stay away. If you cannot, use tissue papers at door knobs.