Kaas | Plateau of Wonders | #BestofMaharashtra

26th Sep 2019

My Kaas dreamscape

Photo of Kaas | Plateau of Wonders | #BestofMaharashtra by AJINXD Artist
Day 1

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Hi, I am Ajinkya & this is my channel AJINXD Artist.

In today's video, I am taking you to Kaas Plateau/Pathar near Satara, India.

This one is a very unique place situated around 25 km from Satara and around 130 km from Pune. I am going from Pune so this is my vlog. I am providing all the information I could gather, in the video. If you still have any queries then hit me up.

The day began very nervously for us as we had seen the horrifying rainfall the previous night. The rain had stopped in the morning so we could start early. We left around 6:30 am but it took us more than an hour to cross a distance of 27 km only. The journey & the road got better from Shirwal. As we crossed Khambatki ghat I was praying to the rain gods to avoid Kaas just for a few hours today.

We were in Satara around 10 am. The drive further was good with less traffic and more scenery. Our time slot for Kaas was booked from 11am to 3pm and let me tell you even 4 hours is not enough.

To control carbon emission around the plateau they have set up the parking away from the plateau. We are seeing the effects of Carbon emission all around the world. It's a small step but with enough funding may be we'll get electric cars running here. I think we all need to make a lot of changes in ourselves before asking others for better things.

It is the same with the Government. We get what we deserve.

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