Kalinjar Fort (Hill Top Fort) Bundelkhand - Khajuraho Journey Part II

The literary meaning of Kalinjar is destroyer of time. The fort is located in Central India in Bundelkhand Region. The fort lies the area of Banda District in UP. The fort is located on a rocky hill, standing at 367 m of elevation. The fort has been a part of several battles and invasions in Indian history. Several of Bundelkhand’s ruling dynasties have overtaken this fort. It was under the reigns of Chandela during 10th century and then came under the rule of Solankis.

The fort has been a centre of interest for both Hindu and Muslims emperors. However, only Mughals could rule over it for long time. It was attacked by Mahmud of Ghazni in 1023. It is said that only Babur could capture the fort completely in 1526. Sher Shah Suri is also said to have died here in 1545. Akbar captured this fort in 1569. And it came under the British Raj later on.