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We all know the buzzwords for this year 2021. Through this adverse list of words circling in your head right now, there is one word that offers hope - "Sustainability". Cambridge dictionary defines it as the quality of being able to continue over a period of time!!

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Sustainability is the Key. (PC: Unsplash)

During the coronavirus lockdown, the tourist spots in Himachal Pradesh avoided nearly 3,000 tonnes of ‘tourist trash’. That is the impact irresponsible travel can cause. As the entire world hits a reset button and the ways of living are altered, there is one profound realization all of us have had - we need to change for the better and step up consciously to let the harmony in human communities and nature to prosper. As a community of travelers and travel lovers, the good news is that these changes are small and fun. These small steps are a nourishing experience.

Here is a list of little actions I plan for my future travel and life altogether. I have been lucky enough to meet people across cultures and countries, observe and learn. I would love for all of you to open up about your experience and come up with more suggestions that are truely sustainable.

Travel with Kindness - this comes first!!

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The whole world has been and is going through tough times. It is no secret that the tourism industry was hit hard. So post- pandemic, the world needs a little extra kindness. Polite words, appreciations, and generous tips are much needed to compensate for the good times mankind has lost in these lockdowns and to re-establish empathy. All of us have longed to enjoy freedom with health. Mankind has never felt so interconnected before, so pour that love out human.

Plastic Water Bottles - the Troublemaker

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Yes, it is convenient to purchase a bottle when you are thirsty and then just throw it off. But, this convenience comes at a much bigger price. This is the simplest and first of many steps we can take - carry your own water bottle, preferably non plastic, wherever possible. Please make a habit out of it.

Plastic water bottles courtesy tourism is such a big menace that Leh Ladakh is trying hard to ban bottles starting from its Government offices.

Icelandic tourism board promo campaign encourages everyone henceforth to drink Kranavatn (literally meaning tap water in Icelandic).

Your earphones are better than the Airline ones

Dear Travellers, when you are already carrying your earphones, there is absolutely no need for one to open up the pack of those one-time use Airline earphones. Don't open the pack - Period.

Walk, Cycle, Share a Ride

Would you want to pass by this view in a jiffy?

Explore the world like a pro. Walk through the blooms & greens, cycle through narrow pebbled streets, share rides, smiles & stories. There is always a plus to exploring rather than just reaching the fastest to your destination in the comfort of a car. Slow down and take some time to explore a place like a local. Keeps you and mother nature healthier.

Eco-Friendly Toiletries, Please

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However cute those little bottles of shampoos, conditioners, and body lotions once were, we know how they are adding to the plastic menace. Most of the big names including Mariott, Hilton, Hyatt, Accor have vouched to get rid of travel-sized toiletries and replace them with bulk sizes or dispensers. You can also step up and carry your shampoo bar, disposable cotton sanitary pads, bamboo toothbrush with you.

Reusable Bag - Pro Tip

A reusable bag is like a magic wand. Don't collect free poly bags each time you go out to buy something. Be smart, carry your reusable bag to shops, beaches or wherever you are heading out to. Wash it, reuse it.

My bag is not pretty, but it's good for all.

Support Fair Trade, Support Local

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This is what will make you a conscious traveler. Decisions like whether you are going to stay at a five-star chain or a homestay, whether you would shop big brands or regional, whether you would eat at a fancy restaurant or explore local cuisine, will not only help decide how enriching your travel story be, but also how much of a difference you make to local communities. Give a tiny thought to every step you plan in your trip- it will help preserve the local heritage.

Give Back to the Society

Tourists are often selfish. They plan their vacations, enjoy the most and best of a destination and then get back to their regular lives. This disconnected travel is not fulfilling. If you wish to relish your travel moments, give back to society. Volunteer, check with the community how can you help, or just plant a tree. Leave your mark in a way that it matters.

Travel Safe - for yourself and others

Last but most important in this new normal. Keep your travel insurance, medical coverages in check along with your safety precautions. Be a responsible traveler who also thinks of the safety of those around you. Be covid safe and smart - mask up, sanitize, stay informed.

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Keep all these points as gentle reminders for a sustainable future ahead. Peace & Harmony people !!

You can connect with me and share your experiences and more options at Tripoto or Instagram @woolgathering_wonders.

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