Mahabalipuram Vlog- Cycling in the Summer

28th Apr 2018

Cycling on our way in the Mahabs Summer!

Photo of Mahabalipuram Vlog- Cycling in the Summer by KatchuTravels

I got my friend to wake up early, hit the beach, and also get dressed and head to the activity centre. I had promised him 2 days of life changing activities and fun by the sea-side from the pollution of New Delhi

We started with cycling. Head here to watch our Vlog to find out the places we cycled to!

Day 1

Cycling was the first activity of the many that we did. Click here to watch the trailer

You can also watch the other parts in this series. Part-2 features Tej and I in an ATV Ride, Part-3 features me with my first lessons in SCUBA Diving, Part-4 and Part 5 coming soon!

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