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much to the eastern side of Tamil Nadu... faced, but Tamil Nadu culturally..., then it has to be Tamil Nadu. Every town... - Tamil Nadu , average time...

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one. So i zeroed in on Tamil Nadu...

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Also known as the Aurobindo Ashram or the Mother house, this is a center of meditation. This was built by Rishi Aurobindo and stresses on uniting the world with a sense of spirituality. This is a ball- shaped building with golden discs covering it. This shape is to show that the Earth is round and that people starting from one end will definitely returnn to the same place again and again. Not everyone is allowed to enetr this place randomly and if you are lucky to be permitted you are suppossed to follow a lots of rules and regulations. Once you are in front of the entrance, you are deposit your shoes there only. It is compulsory that you wear white clothes from head to toe. This is because white is the colour of peace. You will then be taken inside a large chamber where you will have to cross several stairs to reach the innermost chamber which is also the main meditation hall. Here you will find a magical ambience with so much peace. The pillars here are 12 in number and strangely do not touch the ceiling. The large flower inside also has 12 petals which depicts the 12 aspects of the 'Universal Mother'. Overall this place is immensely beautiful and soothes your mind, soul and body altogether.
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Vattakanal Falls

A very beautiful hill station just a couple of kilometres away from Kodaikanal, this is a place you can visit throughout the year. The temperature is low throughout the year and thus do not forget to carry warm clothes whenever you go there. The rocks and watchpoints here are places from where you will get the best views of the surrounding valleys and mountains. The main points here are the Dolphin's nose and the Suicide Point.
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12. Tamil Nadu - Pal Poli

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Best time to visit Tamil Nadu is from November to February
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