The Best Indian Music Festivals Of 2017 & Everything You Need To Know About Them


Have you always liked music, but never considered going for a concert? Before convincing you to check out the upcoming music festivals in India, here's a thought...

When was the last time you had a good time? When was the last time you were just having fun and later realised that you've making epic memories? When was the last time you even stopped to pay a thought to all of those questions? So before you start saving those dates on the calendar and filling in your planners with all the appointments of manoeuvring your life, at times to please the client and at others to fawn over the boss, let's take a break. Let's plan your year a little sensibly and fit in a few days where you celebrate living and not mourn the death of life. Let's pause for a while and plan for the one thing that guarantees you, along with a whole lot of memories, an unfolding of the best aspects in you; the ones you cherish and the ones that make you happy.

We know you love music. Because God didn't create a soul who didn't.

Here is a collection of the best music festivals in India, and everything you need to know about them.

1. Ziro Festival, Arunachal Pradesh

They celebrate their 5th anniversary this year and they're bringing the locals together with the globals. The Northeastern folks and the best Indie acts will leave you with more than a fair number of options to tap your feet to. And if you have been wanting to bring your love for travel and music together, then this is the ideal pick from music festivals in India for you.

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Climb the mountains and get their good tidings, they said.

Good weather, a picturesque landscape, a breathtaking view and soul music; take it from the experienced if your mind has room for any doubts about the idea of travelling far for this fest. Mark the month of September for the most scenic of all music festivals in India 2017!

Find out everything that you wanted to ask about the festival, here.

2. Hornbill Festival, Kohima

They consider their festivals sacred and while it might be a fest to an outlander, it is a tradition for the natives of Nagaland.

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While their concerts introduce you to new music, but this, unlike other music festivals in India, makes you feel like a part of the culture as the arts, crafts, food, games and sports of the event transport you to another world.

Call it the 'Switzerland of the East', the die-hard fan says.

Gather all relevant details about the fest and keep a close eye on the schedule on their Facebook page.

3. Bacardi NH7 Weekender

Whenever the Weekender dates are announced, it gets everyone talking. The NH7 Weekender has never once failed to infuse an enthusiasm in the crowd that can be accorded to another time of the year.

There's more to the festival than just rock and roll and the head-banging metallica music. The culture of the NH7 weekender spans over comic, theatre, stand-ups, dance, graffiti and art, making it one of the most sought after music festivals in India.

For their weekender state of mind, this one's for the untameable fans!

Here is how you can track their moves and ensure your participation!

4. Magnetic Fields, Alsisar Mahal

Set in the state that smells of tradition and royalty at the same time, you can expect no less than a grand trip to this fest. Camping in the Bedouins is one of their most impressive attractions.

If you can appreciate the splendour and magnificence of history and architecture while your mind sways to the tunes of fresh Indian sounds and underground international stars, then this fest should definitely be your pick.

An endless visual dream, this one's termed as a 'Magical Musical Carnival'.

Keep a lookout on their website for updates about one of the most exotic music festivals in India 2017!

5. Ragasthan Festival, Jaisalmer

It's wild and calm combined into one. Ragasthan Festival maintains certain policies, so everyone out there can have clean fun. Ragasthan serves the people exactly what they come looking for.

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And for the short while that you feel like taking a break from the magnetic music, there's a lot that the festival has to offer. You could shop, eat, indulge in adventure, lose yourself in the art masterpieces or sit by the cinema.

All you have to do, they say, is 'Follow the Sun'.

Stay hooked to their Facebook page for burning details.

6. Sunburn Festival, Goa

It's everyone's favourite idea of vacation. When the Sunburn festival chose its location as Goa, they definitely guaranteed a good deal of attendees already.

It's out of control, crazy, frantic, chaotic, perfect and definitely one of the wildest music festivals of India.

Are you ready for this?

Get latest information on dates and performing artists here!

7. Jodhpur Riff, Jodhpur

The next time someone associates Rajasthan with just monuments, you know how to counter that claim. This International Folk Festival will re-instate your belief in the power of tradition and might become your favourite of all music festivals in India.

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The events organised are not for profit. It is part of a project organised by the two main trusts of Rajasthan.

Every penny counts here!

The countdown has begun. Here is where you find out everything about this festival.

8. Sula Fest,Nashik

Last year's crowd crossed 10,000 people and the makers are promising more this time. The Sula fest is back, set in the idyllic environs of the beautiful open air winery.

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The ground is going to be a megamix of great music, wine, drinks, food, fashion and shopping.

It's called the Gourmet World Music Festival for a reason, obviously.

February is right around the corner? Book your tickets before you're too late!

9. Mood Indigo Festival, Mumbai

If Maharashtra is what is being talked about, can Mumbai be far behind? Here's to all those who thought that IIT was all about books. Nerdy is the new cool and this fest takes 10 steps ahead to prove that.

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What set out as a small expedition with a budget of Rs. 5,000, is now one of the most inspiring music festivals in India. With a display of creativity and imagination all over, the festival organises musical concerts as a fiesta of 'eargasms'.

Out here music is not just an art form; it's a state of mind.

Keep a close eye on their official site for bookings and details.

10. Enchanted Valley Carnival, Aamby Valley

True to its name, the EVC festival has made fans out of true music lovers within a span of two years. The experience is recalled as an enthralling series of events, which makes memories that last a lifetime.

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Fitting into the gaps, EVC introduced India to a multi-genre electronic music festival. Placing a line up of Indian talent right next to international performers is their way of promoting the miracles music can bring.

The only identity you carry here is that of the EVC tribe, nothing more and nothing less.

Join the tribe and register here.

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Wow! Awesome coverage of music festivals across India. I would like to share with readers about the Dover Lane Music Conference which is organized in Kolkata every year. It is another really nice festival where you get to experience a beautiful journey of Indian Classical music and Dances.
Sun 01 10 16, 21:21 · Reply · Report
Hi Antra! I loved the first part of your article before you have mentioned about the best Indian music festivals. That part is really inspiring and I hope people understand the value of recreation after reading that. Truly, the rat race of this time has left us with such less time for ourselves.
Sun 01 10 16, 13:17 · Reply · Report
I had no idea that there are such awesome festivals which take place in Mizoram and Nagaland. Are these really popular? It was really nice knowing new things from your account of the best Indian music festivals. I am looking forward to attend one soon!
Sun 01 10 16, 09:14 · Reply · Report
You have definitely inspired me and I agree that God has made none who is not fond of good music. I had bought myself an Indian Music Festival calendar 2015 and have tried to attend a number of them. A few you have mentioned in your list are also a part of my list.
Sun 01 10 16, 06:49 · Reply · Report
I have always loved food festivals which are regularly organized in Kolkata but now I am definitely going to choose more recreation over a busy and unhealthy work schedule. I am definitely going to save all the music festivals across India which you have mentioned and plan on them.
Sat 01 09 16, 17:50 · Reply · Report
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