Roadtrip to the most beautiful beach in Andhra Pradesh

18th Nov 2018

Marsh Land beside Hamsaladeevi Beach

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Day 1
Day 2

Hamsaladeevi Beach is tucked away in Andhra Pradesh and boasts of one of the best and cleanest beaches in the region.

Reaching Hamsaladeevi is relatively easier should you plan to drive down. The roads are superb until Vijayawada followed by a lovely drive on the Vijayawada - Avanigadda - Hamsaladeevi route.

This area is not yet developed as a tourist attraction due to which you would see just the locals in the morning around who come there to see the sunrise and post 1800 hrs this places becomes abandoned.

We had visited this place with friends, our actual destination was the F1H2O race in Vijayawada but we also decided to visit this place, and here goes our journey.

We started on Day Two at around 04:30 hrs from Vijayawada and headed to Hamsaladeevi to be on time for the Sunrise, the route we took is something I mentioned, Vijayawada - Avanigadda - Kodur - Hamsaladeevi.

The total distance is a bit about 95kms and took us around 1.5 hours to visit.

Having spent time till around 08:30 after the sunrise, and did I mention, this is one of the beaches where you can drive on the beach without your wheels sinking into the sand there.

The Duster I drove lived to the expectations and it was lovely driving on the beach.

There are also possibilities of camping at this destination should you want to wake up to an awesome sunrise, just ensure that you are adequately prepared and are going in a sightly larger group.

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