Spiti is not just a place. It's an experience. It's home.


I first visited Spiti in 2005. An unplanned roadtrip landed me in Spiti. Since then, I've been lucky enough to visit it a few times, and experience the place in a new light every time. 

I even got lucky to keep discovering new places on my every visit, including discovering a lake, which is now named after me (SS Tso)

Let me take you on a virtual trip to Spiti with me.

If you are short on time, let me start with this little 2-minute video that shows what this place means to me. And if you have a little more time, keep scrolling.

Spitian takes you home

My driveway

My parking spot

My Villa

Langza Village

My paintings

My morning walks
Walk towards Chandratal

My picnic spot

Grasslands of Gette

Near Chhatru

My bathtub

Chandratal Lake

My private pool

SS Tso (A lake I discovered, now named after my initials)

My backyard

Mane Village

My balcony view

Dhangkar Village

My 20BHK

My retirement home

I hope you enjoyed the virtual trip to my home.

If you're planning to visit Spiti, or want to know anything about the place, feel free to connect with me on my instagram