#SwipeRightToTravel - That cute little tota (Parrot) seller .

4th Jan 2017
Day 1

Being a Student of Travel and Tourism Management we always got opportunity to travel and by the grace of god our faculties were too good. When we were in 3rd year of college the faculties finally decided to take us for tour out of the state. Yes, till 2nd year we used to travel within the state (Tamil Nadu) only. We were given option to select the state and finally we all agreed to go to Musicsthan (Rajasthan) . The place and palace of kings.
5th Sept.2015: Finally we all boarded into the train at 5 pm and all the excitement and enthusiasm started even the co-passengers also enjoyed with us. Our first destination was Jodhpur...the name itself brings all the good memories back.

Day 2

We finally reached Jodhpur and visited all the beautiful places there and ya the music played by a rajasthani old man took my mind and soul completely. And next day we were off to Jaisalmer by Bus.

Day 3

We reached Jaisalmer and when everyone was busy listening to the guide I escaped from that place and went to discover new things around there ...did shopping , ate momo in a very nice restaurant where foreigners were mainly eating and after doing my all discovery and fun I came back to the place and best part was that nobody knew that I was not there and next day we were off to Jaipur the pink city ..finalllyy yay !!!!

Day 4

Morning at 6 AM we arrived at Jaipur and directly from station we went to the hotel. At 11 AM  we went to City Palace ..the tour guide was there to tell us everything but the guides don't understand that girls don't listen much they observe more haha...yes we girls were so much interested in watching all the things around there.. and then when I was too tired to go anywhere else I finally decided to go and sit in our bus which was parked in the parking area.
   I always prefer window seat be it car,bus, rickshaw (haha) or plane. Then after some time a little boy around 13 years old came near to the bus and said "didi ye tota lelo" (sister buy this parrot) and when i turned my face to the window side i saw him.. he was standing there with little hand-made parrots and that too in a sunny day... He was dark skin with a cute smile ,shiny hair and bright eyes. I got down from the bus and bought 3 parrots from him and the cost of it was ₹10 and after that i started talking to him.
Me:What's your name?
Little Boy: Abhishek Shawn
Me: Are you from Jaipur?
Little Boy: No, I am from a village which is in Madhya Pradesh.
Me:why do you sell these things? It is your age to study. Who else is there in your family?
Little Boy: I do study but when i get the time then only. I have one younger sister and my parents , they live in Madhya Pradesh and i am earning for them. Here I work with my cousin elder brother.
Me: where do you live here? And who cooks?
Little Boy: I live here only near that temple(pointing to a temple). Me and my brother cook together.
Me: Ok i am hungry I want to eat (jokingly).
Little Boy: Chalo didi ( Come Sister) i will make food for you.

This made me so happy that a boy who is so little and cares for humanity. We discussed so many things related to celebrities and politics. I was amazed to see his knowledge regarding politics and politicians. After some point of time my classmates started coming to the bus and then i asked them to buy parrots if they want because those hand-made parrots were cute like him and my sincere classmates bought it. That day his all parrots were sold out and he considered me very lucky for him and this literally made my day. And soon all including faculties arrived in the bus and we had to leave finally. He waved me a goodbye with his cute smile. I forgot to take his number and address and this made me upset.

Day 5

We started our day again with Palace but my mind was somewhere else I wanted to take that little boy's number but it was not possible for me to go alone because we were the responsibility of faculties. And this was the day when we had to take train again for Chennai. I did not feel like visiting the Palace because i was little upset. The time was passing and when we were about to leave the Palace then the Girls started requesting Faculties to take us somewhere else too... And Guess what?? Faculties decided to take us to City Palace again and I was so happy that moment. When we reached there I got down from the bus and started searching for him and it was already 5 PM and i thought may be he already sold out his parrots today and went back to home. Suddenly, that little boy came running to me and said Didi and I was much happy to see him again as if i got my own little brother and that day he told me that he forgot to take my number and i said even i wanted to take your number too bhai (bro). We exchanged the number ..he gave me his cousin brother's number and then considering the fact that i was lucky for him so i had to buy the parrots again and he told me that onky 2-3 people bought it today . I bought 3 parrots again and again after me , my classmates bought the parrots from him and finally he sold out his parrots that day again...and again he told me that i am lucky for him... He said a Goodbye to me and wished me happy journey and I was very much happy..

Day 6

After traveling one and half day in train we arrived at Chennai station and we all moved to our place. Evening time he called me and we had a long conversation on phone and he told me that when he will open his own shop he will call me to inaugurate his shop because i am his lucky sister. I feel so much blessed to listen these things from a little boy who is just 13 years old . I have decided that the day i will earn I will sponsor his education. It has been a year since i have known him and we still talk on phone and he invites me to his village everytime.

This was my story where i met one amazing person who will be part of my life forever.He taught me how to live a happy life.

Little Boy aka Abhishek Shawn - The Parrot seller

Photo of #SwipeRightToTravel - That cute little tota (Parrot) seller . by Ananya
Photo of #SwipeRightToTravel - That cute little tota (Parrot) seller . by Ananya

Cards i bought from Rajasthan

Photo of #SwipeRightToTravel - That cute little tota (Parrot) seller . by Ananya
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