The Mains of Kerala in 6 days!

3rd Jun 2019
Photo of The Mains of Kerala in 6 days! by Akshay Bafna
Day 1
Photo of Palakkad, Kerala, India by Akshay Bafna

It was 7.30 in the morning. Me and my friend had left early from Tirupur on a tour covering all the major cities of Kerala. The first place we were hitting was Palakkad. To be honest it was a business trip and thanks to our love for bike rides, we opted to do it on my CBR 250R. So the plan was to finish off our work in Palakkad which is 98 kms from my house and head to Malappuram which is 79 kms from Palakkad. Fortunately, it did'nt take long in Palakkad and we left for Malappuram by 1 pm. After a one and half hour drive, we reached Malappuram. Ramazan was nearing and since Malappuram was a Muslim concentrated area our work had to wait. So, without wasting any more time we decided to leave for the next location in our route which was Kozhikode a.k.a Calicut. It was around 4 pm in the evening and just 57 kms of travel. We reached Calicut in an hour and checked-in into a lodge opposite to KSRTC bus depot. OYO rooms there were kinda expensive. Calicut was a tidy city. Great roads, awesome cafes and a calm beach. We went to the beach for somtime and relaxed ourselves because we were heading faster than our schedule which was a shock to both of us.

Photo of Calicut, Kerala, India by Akshay Bafna

It got 1 pm till we were done with our work. The next destination was Thrissur which was 122 kms from our location. The climate was fairly moderate and after a 2 hour drive we covered the distance. We did'nt stop over anywhere since we were fresh after a good night sleep.

Day 2
Photo of Thrissur, Kerala, India by Akshay Bafna

Thrissur was damn hot man and hence we looked pathetic in that selfie. Work was great there and we managed to pull off a client over there. We noticed a lot of custom garages there and were drooling over it. But work comes first. So after Thrissur, there was Kochi (Ernakulam) on our list. It was 6 pm and Kochi was 86 kms from there. It didn't take us long to reach over there as the highway was awesome. We checked into OYO rooms and the fares were comparatively cheaper than Cailcut. It was a tiresome day and it did'nt take long for us to fall asleep. The next day was Ramazan. And we had the whole day to spend over there as it was a holiday.

Photo of Kochi, Kerala, India by Akshay Bafna

It was day 3 and our non-muslim clients had called us for a meeting. It was a good day of work but eventually we got it done within 1 pm and the rest of the day just to explore Kochi and its beauty. So the first place we decided to hit was the Willingdon Island. The humidity was high and we were sweating the hell out. There was nothing much over there. Next on our list to visit was Fort Kochi which was near the St. Cathedral's church.

Day 3
Photo of Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala, India by Akshay Bafna

After the fort visit, we went to the Fort Kochi beach as it was nearby. Moreover, we had already been to the Cherai beach (the more famous one) few months back. It was just like any other beach but was crowded as it was a holiday. The local public were enjoying their day with their family and we were enjoying the breeze over there. We thought of taking the ferry but it was a 3 hour trip and it was already 6 pm. So we just saw the Japanese fishing nets and decided to head back.

Photo of Fort Kochi Beach, Kochi by Akshay Bafna

Day 3 was fun. We had dinner out in a restaurant nearby and crashed on the bed. Next day's location was Kottayam which was 62 kms from there.

Day 4
Photo of Kochi, Kerala, India by Akshay Bafna

We checked out by 10 pm. And reached Kottayam in an hour. Since our meeting was after lunch, we decided to lay over to take few clicks and relax ourselves.

Photo of Kottayam, Kerala, India by Akshay Bafna

The meeting did'nt last long and there was not much to do in Kottayam. So, without wasting time we headed to the next location in our list which was Kollam, 95 kms from there. The roads were really bad and we had a hard time filtering traffic in that. We reached Kollam by 8.30 and there were no OYO rooms available over there. We had to stay in a lodge which wasn't that bad.

Day 5

It was day number 5. After a successful early morning meeting, we headed straight to the Kollam beach which is also one of the most cleanest beaches in Kerala. Before jumping onto the beach, we saw a watch tower which wasn't too far from there. It caught our eyes and we decided to go there no matter what. But unfortunately, it opened only at 4 pm for the public and it was just 12 noon. A local grocery seller helped us by guiding us through the bushes which led to a stone bridge. And it was the best and most calm place i ever had been to. We had to walk for some 5 kms to reach the tip of the bridge which brought us to the center of the Ocean and it was just fantastic. And we were the only people there making it more thrilling.

Photo of Kollam, Kerala, India by Akshay Bafna

This is the Panorama covering the entire place.

Photo of Kollam, Kerala, India by Akshay Bafna
Photo of Kollam, Kerala, India by Akshay Bafna

After a worth while visit of the tower, checked out of the lodge and left for Trivandrum, the capital. It was just 64 kms from there but it took 2 hours for us to reach since the traffic was unimaginable. We reached there by 5 pm and got our work done by 9 pm. Our OYO room was 13 kms from the city center and was very peaceful. We decided to head back home the next day which was a long ride all at once. So we slept good and tight.

Day 6
Photo of Trivandrum, Kerala, India by Akshay Bafna

It was Day 6 morning 10 pm. A 444 kms ride was ahead us. We opted the route via Tamilnadu since the roads were better than that of Kerala.

Photo of Agasthyamalai, Vazhichal, Tamil Nadu by Akshay Bafna

Trust me, this road was just insane. A rider's paradise if there's another way of telling it.

And that's how it was. We reached home by 7 pm in the evening thanks to the rains in and around Dharapuram. But this was one hell of an experience which i wanted to share with you guys.

Cheers! :)

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