Ultimate summer party guide to clubbing capital of the world -MYKONOS ... #luxurygetaway

12th Aug 2018
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If you expecting a travelogue ,I would suggest million other reviews out there .

This writeup is for those who are young at heart & want to experience the vibrant party scene of Mykonos island (& beyond).

Best part of Mykonos is, it allows you to enjoy rollicking nightlife amidst natural exotic settings of gorgeous heavenly sun-kissed beaches or at best in midst of bustling historic cute little town center.

Mykonos nightlife caters to every tastes from ,partying like a rockstar to glam high fashion chic lounges to wild summer break student parties to BPM strict techno addicts to big room EDM, you name it.If you wish you can experience all of them hopping onto different venues in a single day or night.

Nowadays there is big showdown between party islands of Ibiza vs Myknonos vs St Tropez etc.

My verdict: More options, the merrier & I bet Myknos is tied up at the top spot.

Okay ,for some basics before you get started . All my suggestions are for summer months of Jul-early Sept.

First you need to re-arrange your timezone to Mykonos party timezone.

Meaning , life begins only around sunset & ends just after traditional breakfast time. You can leave the island for traditional daytrippers

to enjoy the town in the daytime . In summary this town never sleeps during summer.

Brunch party time: (14:00- 18:00)

Yes you heard it right, day starts after 14:00. Start your day at legendary hip & happening Scorpios or Nammos to get you started & put you in a cheerful mood for rest of the day. Scorpios in particular on Sneaky sunday afternoon can be epicenter of summer hedonism.

Bouncy trendy music, glam crowd from all over the world & by default beautiful beach . As for food, well, it caters to all global fusion cuisines.

Some snapshots from Nammos :

Photo of Nammos, Psarou Beach, Mikonos, Greece by Reviewer

Sunset party time: (18:00- 21:00)

Venues : 180deg sunset bar & Alemagou Beach bar restaurant

180 Deg sunset bar provides you with panaromic breathtaking hilltop views of the town by the harbor.

180 degree sunset bar

Photo of 180º Sunset Bar, Eparchiaki Odos Mikonou, Mikonos, Mykonos, Greece by Reviewer

Alemagou Beach club blends so well with the jagged Ftelia beach barren landscape.(amazing techo-trance genre). Can be tricky to reach this place, but worth all the troubles .

Photo of Alemagou Beach Bar Restaurant, Mikonos, Greece by Reviewer

Another safe bet are the numerous beach restaurants for a laid back chilled drink to watch gorgeous sunset along Little Venice.

Warm-up party time: (22:00 – 02:00):

Paradise beach club resort: is an all day club with multiple DJ booths trashing out bubblegum mainstream EDM along the sandy stretch & filled with teenagers ,all perfect setting for a typical raunchy, wild summer break parties.Video speaks for itself.

paradise club

Paradise beach club

Photo of Paradise Beach - CLUB - Mykonos, Mikonos, Greece by Reviewer

Plenty of options for bar hopping all in a square mile along Little Venice , & in town like cozy lil Argos, gay bar – Jackie O, Scarpa bar, 80’s retro Cinderalla & so on.

Little Venice : Just walk around & follow music & Crowd that suits your taste.

Jackie O - Popular gay bar

Photo of Jackie O', Mykonos-Town, Greece by Reviewer

Little venice: Being spoilt for choices, bar hopping has a new meaning here.

Tons of bar & restaurants -ideal for sunset time

Photo of Little Venice, Mykonos, Greece by Reviewer

Prime time ( 02:00- 06:00)

Cavo Paradiso located on a cliff hanging overlooking a beach is the mega club of the island with superstar big room high profile DJ’s line-up with likes of Axwell, Guetta etc all thro summer. Entry charges range from 30-50Eur. It was my fav Steve Angelo night when i visited,so was worth it.

Photo of Cavo Paradiso, Paradise Beach, Mikonos, Greece by Reviewer

Public transport:

In summer , bus runs every 30 mins from this beach /Cavo to myknonos town whole day & night ,so need not worry about transport. Overall island is bustling so no safety issues.

VOID: is another interesting option with hardcore EDM/techno-trance DJ lineups.

Within Myknonos town, first choice always legendary ,place for movers & shakers , a place to be seen ,ASTRA . What looks like a chic boutique from outside in daytime, turns into a happening club in town in daytime?Looks can be deceptive.

ASTRA: Looks can be deceptive. Come night ,this place is choc-a bloc

Photo of ASTRA, Mikonos, Mykonos, Greece by Reviewer

When you are at ASTRA ,you just cant ignore the boisterous street party at next door QUEEN’s. Dance floor & lounge for this club is the narrow bylane or open courtyard for public

To join the party.Perfect place for people watching .

4am & street party is in full swing at Queen

Street party

Photo of Queen bar, Enoplon Dinameon, Mikonos, Mykonos, Greece by Reviewer
Photo of Bonbonniere Mykonos, Enoplon Dinameon, Mikonos, Greece by Reviewer

Afterparty party time: (05:00- till you can last)

Skandinavian bar : Requires a special mention. This place is any time option be it 5am or 5pm, is always full & great place for socializing with its open air courtyard, disco floor & bar ,all in one cramped up complex.

6am & place is jampacked .

Photo of Skandinavian Bar - Disco - Club | Nightlife, Georgouli, Mikonos, Greece by Reviewer

Door policy:

Very friendly , lenient & at best have 10-20E cover charge. Casual beach wear is the dress code.


Before I visited, I thought it was a hype to compare Mykonos with Ibiza , but Mykonos in the end ,blew me away with the sheer number of options it provides to chill out.

Photo of Ibiza, Spain by Reviewer

Mykonos may lack big superclub & Superstar headlining DJ line-ups like in Ibiza, but that may work in its favor ,as it provides an alternative varied party & music scene with tons of intimate cozy bars & beach clubs to suit every budget . Even if not for party scene, charming town on its own with its unique white washed Greek architecture ,cool sexy beaches, amazing range of restaurants & not to forget other wonder islands nearby like SAntorini, etc ,makes it a perfect summer getaway.

Little cousin of Mykonos -IOS

When you are in Mykonos, would be good option to explore neighbouring island of IOS(an hour boat ride from Mykonos),as well.

IOS main square,hub of nightlife

Small island with tons of amazing options to party all night long.Best option would be to join bar hopping tour for 15E ,which takes you to top 6-7 clubs/bar & later you can decide which club to hangout.

Worthy mention :

Pathos sunset lounge: Perfect place to chill out with stunning sunset views.

Pavorotti signing off sunset ritual @Pathos sunset club

Photo of Pathos lounge Bar and Restaurant, Ios, Greece by Reviewer

Farout Beach club:

Is a perfect student partyzone . You can bump into camping students from all over the world. Accomodations can range from camping(with less than 20e) to apartments.(around 100 Eur)

Photo of FarOut Beach Club, Ios, Greece by Reviewer
Photo of FarOut Beach Club, Ios, Greece by Reviewer

so if you are planning Mykonos, dedicate an extra couple of days to let your hair down & party around in IOS

Opa -go Mykonos, you wont be disappointed (preferably Jul-mid Sept) !

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