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Little Venice

Mast Musaphir
Day 3 : Mykonos - Little Venice, Paraportiani and Windmills
Little venice: Being spoilt for choices, bar hopping has a new meaning here.
Plenty of options for bar hopping all in a square mile along Little Venice , & in town like cozy lil Argos, gay bar – Jackie O, Scarpa bar, 80’s retro Cinderalla & so on. Little Venice : Just walk around & follow music & Crowd that suits your taste.
One of many clubs along Little Venice
Drishti Naik
Getting There : Take a ferry from Santorini port.
Nikita Anand
We explored some of the most beautiful little alleys with gorgeous shops and cafes before having dinner at Eva's garden (beautiful place but average food for the price). We stopped for delicious greek gelato at I Scream before heading back to our hotel.Day 2: Today was dedicated to beach-hopping and swimming in the clear Myconian waters. After breakfast, we took a bus to Ornos beach and bought a return water taxi ticket from there. Due to weather conditions, the taxi was not going till Elia beach (the last stop on the route). But you could get off at Agrari beach and then walk to Elia. Ornos beach is nice though super crowded.
Leaving Harbour
Another tour one can do from Mykonos is to an uninhabited island called Delos half an hour sail away. Delos is the birthplace of Goddess Athena's twins - the two most important and ancient Greek gods -Apollo (the sun god) and Artemis (the moon goddess).On reaching the island you can tour the ruins of the entire city - the ancient homes, guest quarters, public places, markets and temples- all very well planned. Even more amazing is their water harvesting system which would work even in the present day and age! There is also a museum which can be visited to see the exhibits from all the historical periods represented on the island. The excavations are still in progress and it is a UNESCO heritage site .