My travel Story: Vermont, the quiet heaven!


In my last travel I was with my whole family. My wife and I, with our two kids decided to visit Vermont State in US. We had heard a lot about its ski resorts, mountains, and lakes. So it seemed to be a wonderful place for relaxing a while.

We started our journey from Burlington, then we went to Stowe, Manchester and finally we visited Brattleboro.

We first went to Waterfront Park in Burlington. Although locals told us it’s better to be there around sunset but since we had no other special plan we went sooner. We first went to ECHO museum, then we had some delicious hotdog and ice cream which were served in stands, and finally we rent a boat to make our little angels happy.

When sun went down, that spectacular unique sunset view, appeared. We were sitting on a swing bench with a perspective of that lovely lake. For god sake don’t do what we did! It’s a romantic place. Enjoy it just with your spouse or lover! Not with your little kids who just want swing faster! Swing faster!

You know what? There is a bike path, rent a bike for your kids and relax with your lover apart the noise of them.

Like so many other men, me neither like shopping that much. But Church Street Market place of Burlington is totally a different shopping experience. To be honest I fell in love with that market place. Local life, beautiful classic architecture, nice foods and the street entertainments surprised me. And my excitement, surprised my wife too!

We did a lot of local shopping. Even our kids spent their money on this local products! But lots of people just were doing window shopping and have fun with taking photos and greeting with locals. This place had lots to offer.

There were both formal and informal places to eat and drink. You know always the first thing that catches kid’s eyes in such places, is ice-creams. So we had some Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. It was nice. We saw a man and a woman who were playing two unusual musical instruments and we recorded a video of their excellent performance.

Before we started our travel, we promised our kids to go hiking and skiing. So our next spot in Vermont were Stowe. We limited our choices to just two. First, mount Mansfield, then Trapp Family Lodge Outdoor Center. And since we had kids and the name of the second one contains the word “Family”, we chose that one. It was really good, fantastic, and complete. All of us enjoyed there. It was both relaxing and fun, both for kids and parents, both for summer and winter. I myself suggest it to others, especially to families.

I’m in love with history and architecture and to be honest I do like that my kids show interest in these two same as me. So what a better choice than a historic building? My wife was nagging at first that museum is not a favorite place for kids and it would make them bored. But she was wrong! Hilden is not just a museum! It’s a park, a historic site and a landmark full of outdoor activities.

This gorgeous historic building which was built among a lovely garden used to be the home of Robert Todd Lincoln. We first visited the building then had our packed lunch at picnic area. And you know what made my wife so excited? She found out that her sister can have her wedding there! The whole time, she was planning the wedding and ask staffs for more information!

We also visited Equinox Preservation Trust and Lye Brook Falls in Manchester.

When we went to Brattleboro, we didn’t have that much time. We just visited the whole town and went to Retreat Trail. It was a great spot to hike, especially for us which have kids and wish an easy hiking path. In addition if you love photography in nature, it would be a nice opportunity.

Vermont is an amazing, lovely, quiet, sparsely populated state which whether you visit it on summer or winters, it warmly welcomes you. For having a real taste of this little heaven, try to get your ESTA Visa from and start your journey.

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