Waterfall Rappelling at Dudhiware

19th Aug 2018

Today I'll be taking you to #Dudhiware #Waterfall for a #Rappelling session hosted by Audacious Hikers - check them out here⬇


The event was perfectly planned and executed for most of the part. Firstly, I think google maps should update you on the condition of the road when you ask for directions. The road after we exit from Dehu road toll plaza is very bad, although it offers great views. The road from Pavana village towards Dudhiware is also not that good. The view though! ???? if the road had been better the experience would have been much better. Overflowing milky water from Pavana dam is a treat for the eyes. I had been there before so immediately started looking for Tikona and Tung forts. The forts were completely covered in clouds! The valley was only visible along the dam everything else was hidden in clouds.

Lohagad and Visapur forts were visible with clouds parked on top, must be a great view from there!

The waterfall as I mention in the video is very easily accessible from the village and I couldn't believe I never found this place before. I think the rappelling had started very recently at this place.

Sadly, I couldn't rappel but we got a great clip of commando rappelling thanks to my new friend Amol Patil.

The cave behind the falls was filled with smashed beer bottles! ??

We should establish serious punishments for such miscreants! Ruins the experience for everyone!

We came back from Kamshet village where they are working on a new flyover so lots of traffic! The return journey was fast from then.

I hope you enjoy my videos as well as my writing, until next time.

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Shot with GoPro & Moto G4+ Music from Youtube Library.

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