Bandarban, an Amazing tourist spot in Bangladesh.

Photo of Bandarban, an Amazing tourist spot in Bangladesh. by Moshiur Rahman Miraz
South Asian country Bangladesh is blessed with natural beauty and can also be a great destination for traveling. There are some hilly areas here under the Chittagong Hill Tracts and Bandarban is one of them, others are Rangamati and Khagrachari. Last year, during Rainy Season it was a great pleasure to travel to some truly attractive destinations with my friend. We did visit Kaptai, Rangamati, and Bandarban and frankly speaking without visiting those places it will be totally unknown to me that my own country is such beauty in a true sense. So how was my Bandarban tour? Explore details inside. 

What I’ve loved most in Bandarban? 
I was in love with nature here. I’ve loved to play with green, blue and white  Awe, thinking!! What are those? Yes, they are my favorite green leaves, bushes, blue sky and white clouds. I really lost myself here with natural waterfalls, river, and mountains. I’ll recommend all tourists and mainly nature lovers to visit this naturally beautiful destination in Asia. The largest Buddhist Golden Temple, Buddha Dhatu Jadi is also located in the Bandarban district of Bangladesh.

During our Bandarban tour we stayed at Holiday Inn Resort, this resort caught my eyes because of its totally different decors with nature. Some beautiful spots are too near to this resort. There are many popular tourist spots here and some must-visit naturally beautiful spots for all nature lovers are Nilachal, Nilgiri, Shoilo Propat, Sangu River, Rijuk Waterfall, Boka Lake, Nafakhum and Remakri, Keokradong and Meghla Tourist Spot.


One of the most charming place and also known as Tiger Hill. This is very near to the Holiday Inn Resort I’ve stayed at Meghla. Rainy Season is the best time to visit this amazing place which is about 2000 feet above the sea level. Undoubtedly, you can spend more hours here enjoying the amazing landscape, the softness of white clouds and of course the beauty of a sunset. And I was overwhelmed enjoying all. The Nilachal Hill Resort is also located here, so will you not love to stay with clouds here?


This is another beautiful spot and tallest peak (about 3500 feet high) at Thanchi in Bandarban. This place is maintained by Bangladesh Army. The Nilgiri Hill Resort and one restaurant are also located here. I’ve loved most the amazing blue sky and clouds here. And was also very lucky to enjoy a sudden rain with dark clouds. What a lovely experience it was!

Shoilo Propat

This lovely natural waterfall we were able to spot on the way to Thanchi. This is very near and located at Milanchari in Bandarban. The water of this fall is purified naturally and so scenic to enjoy its beauty in the Rainy Season. We enjoyed bathing and playing with water and captured all moments and beauties with Lumia720 and Sony DSC-H300 during this tour.

Sangu River

Naturally, I love Boating  and so no question to miss the chance of boating on the Sangu river. This river naturally flows through the hills and have increased the beauty of Bandarban. While boating enjoyed watching the hills, wild trees, innocent looks of the tribal kids and small local houses both the sides of the river.

We were about to visit Rijuk Waterfall from here and so it was an amazing boating experience before reaching our destination. But one thing to mention I’ve missed the quietness and calmness of this river because of the typical sound of the engine boat, this is something I didn’t like.

Rijuk Waterfall

To me, it is one of the most picturesque natural waterfalls which located at Ruma Upazilla in Bandarban. Still, I can hear the magical sound of this fall. The water of the Rijuk waterfall does fall all over the year into the Sangu river from about 300 feet high hill. And the first time I experienced to climb any hill and it was truly adventurous for me.

Meghla Parjatan Complex

This beautiful spot is known as Meghla Tourist Spot and just a walking distance from the Holiday Inn Resort. This is very popular spots where tourists can enjoy a cool walkway to the Hanging Bridge, what I’ve loved the most. Boating on the artificial lake, riding on the cable car can also be your favorite things to try from this spot. Yeah, there are also many trees here for tree lovers or green lovers like me.
Photo of Bandarban, Bangladesh by Moshiur Rahman Miraz
Photo of Bandarban, Bangladesh by Moshiur Rahman Miraz
Photo of Bandarban, Bangladesh by Moshiur Rahman Miraz
Photo of Bandarban, Bangladesh by Moshiur Rahman Miraz