Cairo in a Day! #Egypt #Cairo

7th Mar 2023
Photo of Cairo in a Day! #Egypt #Cairo by PG

Yes it is possible to cover the main highlights of Cairo city in a day if extremely short on time.

Note: This itinerary does not include the Pyramids at Giza

Can one cover a city as ancient as Cairo in a day? That was the question troubling us as we had only one day to soak in thousands of years of history. With careful planning one can experience the main highlights provided one is ready to start early like us and stretch late into the evening taking into account travel and shopping time (we skipped the famous Khan el-Khalili and did our shopping from the souvenir shops at and near the locations we visited saving on time).

1. The Cairo Citadel

Start the day with a panoramic view of Cairo city from the seat of its rulers and earn their history. If one is lucky they can even see the pyramids from the viewpoint. Detailed post below

Age of Empires fans must make a trip to this place!

Total Duration: 2 hours

Tickets: 200 EGP for adults

2. The Old Egyptian Museum of Antiquities

Across the Tahrir Square is the old Egyptian Museum that houses the treasures of ancient Egypt. If short on time like us rush through the main attraction in 2 hours. Detailed post below

Tutankhamun's Golden Mask

Total Duration: 2 hours + 10 minutes at Tahrir square

Tickets: 200 EGP for adults

3. Abu Serga Coptic Church

Visit the oldest church in Egypt where Jesus once stayed. The road runs along the old Cairo aquaduct and the approach lane is lined with street side cafes where one can grab a quick meal as well as lots of souvenir shops. Detailed post below

Visit a place where Jesus Christ actually stayed!

Total Duration: 45-60 minutes

Tickets: Entry to the Church is free

4. Nile River Cruise

We went for evening cruise along the Nile in Cairo on a package booked by our Indian tour operator on the Nile Pharaohs Cruising Restaurant. The package included food and drinks, belly dancing and arab art bands including their traditional dances.

Total Duration: 4 hours