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How to Start Your Travel Vlogging Journey | Shashvat Joshi | Doctourer
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Hosted in Hinglish | 2 Hours

By the end of this workshop you’ll be able to

  • Create, shoot and edit your travel vlogs
  • Identify the different equipment you need
  • Create a unique vlogging style of your own
  • Learn the trick to work with brands successfully
  • Build an enviable profile as a vlogger

Are you a traveller with a passion to capture your journeys through videos but are unable to reach your audience? Here is a workshop that makes it easy! Hosted by doctor and travel vlogger Shashvat, the workshop will help you take your vlogging style to the next level, give you a list of must-have equipment and share inside secrets to grow your profile organically. In the workshop you will learn:

  • Introduction to travel vlogs
    – Differentiating between Short Form & Long Form content
    – Understanding the hook in travel vlogs
    – Taking the first step towards travel vlogging
  • How to structure travel vlogs
    – Exploring lengths of a vlog
    – Analysing the anatomy of a vlog
    – Learning how to use filters and B-rolls
    – Understanding the importance of cards, CTA and end screen
    – Learning how to use music and design
    – Placing sponsored content
  • How to hook your audience
    – Generating relatability in the viewer
    – Identifying value proposition
    – Keep the audience engaged
    – Understanding clickbait content
  • Importance of camera equipment & editing
    – Learning the importance of camera
    – Starting with the basic and growing your equipment inventory
    – Exploring editing software
    – Experimenting with shooting styles 
  • Types of travel vlogs
    – Different kinds of travel vlogs we see on YT
    – Developing your own style
  • Overview of running a channel successfully
    – Cost of running a YT channel
    – Dealing with judgment and failure
    – Planning for the future
    – Understanding paid promotion to grow your channel
  • Questions and Answers


About the host

Shashvat is a full time doctor who realised his passion for travelling. He took it a notch higher and started vlogging his experiences, thus creating a successful YouTube channel. Shashvat has hiked to Everest Base Camp, biked across Ladakh, Spiti, Bhutan and North East. He is a self-taught filmmaker and has captured his journeys from more than 18 countries. 

You can follow him on Instagram at doctourer_shashvat


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