I don't think so there are direct buses between Jammu and Gulmarg .... You need to travel from Jammu to Srinagar and then from Srinagar to Gulmarg...
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You r right there is no direct bus
There no direct bus you have to go to srinagar then gulmarg is 50km from there you have to take another bus from there
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Regular bus service is great on to go option
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You will find ample of state transport buses running from Jammu to Gulmarg
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Redbus and paytm best option .. dont buy from local travel agents ..
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There's no direct bus to Gulmarg. you have to make a pit stop in Srinagar and from there take another one to Gulmarg.
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U have a good option there are ao many apps paytm Redbus...go on these apps
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There is not showing anybus in these apps. thats why i have asked here.
There are no roadways buses operating on local routes. Reach Srinagar by a local roadways bus from Jammu n then you will have to take a sumo/ travera (which is the local mode of transport) to reach Gulmarg.