To have a best trip, the one tip which all travellers must follow is "CALMS" C - Carry Light ( Keep only what you require) A - Adventurous (Keep your spirits high and be adventurous) L - Learn Basic Phrases (Always try to learn the local phrases of the places you're visiting) M - Medikit ( Always carry a small medikit with you, life is unpredictable) S - Stay Hydrated I thank tripoto for giving me a chance to express my views. For me this is the "Single Tip" that'll help you have a great Adventurous trip. I'm also amazed by this tricky and helpful question to summarise things in one tip.
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Thanks everyone 🔥
Yes, this seems good.
Great ✴️
It's my first time on this platform and while exploring the platform, I landed on this question and your answer looks great. Best of Luck #Tripoto
Great Combination of Short Forms. @Tripoto I agree with @Vishal you must consider him.
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Pack light. Rolling up clothes is more efficient than folding.
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Yes rolling cloth is more easy and you can insert your socks and hanky inside rolling cloth you can search easy light packing idea on Pinterest
Enjoy journey too. Reaching destination by fastest ways will reduce your travelling time, but you will learn many things from time taking journeys.
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Yup, train instead of plane, bus instead of cab, that will really make uh feel that uh r away from daily routines.
"It's all about the journey not the destination" so whenever go on a trip always enjoy every second, Don't miss any view, places either its day or night. Capture & collect the photographs and make memories because in your old age time it will remind you how insane you were.
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“Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times” Make a plan and make it real!
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Go off social media through out the trip and try to cover those places as well which are not famous that in city. They are much more peacful and fun.
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Share your experience with us via Tripoto but enjoy as a traveller not a tourist, I mean not click so many pictures like tourists did, you are traveller not tourists. Travel to explore not to guilt. Write your stories of travel and share with all of us.
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To travel is to Explore, Experience n observe every single thing on your plan.Try n visit all places there and Experience the thrill, adventure,scenary, climate,food obviously.try n interact with the localites.every travel has something new for you,try n find your lesson out there n you wont be disappointed.Every place you visit make sure to get the Souvenirs and a bunch of memories with you. Just Travel around with the Excitement of you gotta get n Experience something new out of this n not just to tick out the known places. Just Travel with all your heart. Dont forget to click amazing pictures. Have a Happy Journey :)
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Don't worry about roads routes destination just enjoy travelling. World is beautiful just keep your eyes and mind open and embrace the joy. And do what your heart say that will give you unique experience.
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Study Study Study. Study as much as you can about the location you are traveling to, Study about modes of transportation best suitable to you, Study what to carry and what to not, Study where to spend your valuable money. Study will also increase curiosity to explore the places you are planning to visit. All this study will save your money and time and will add Satisfaction and Memory's.
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Travel, not to impress anyone, to satisfy your soul. Travel makes you universal.
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Go ahead. Unplug. Spend time in nature. Let your thoughts wander. Be with yourself. In the quiet you will better hear the whispers of your soul.
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Enjoy the trip like it's just a one time opportunity for a lifetime memory.
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Travel by yourself at least once. Don't be afraid to make friends while traveling, only then you can get to know the culture of different places and enjoy yourself.
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Wherever you go, go with all your heart, enjoy the culture of that place, cherish and love the every moment of life and the beauty of nature. Do strange things with weird people. Remember that happiness is a way of how we travel, not a destination...
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You need to be open heart, be curious, be humble, be respectful, be energetic, be careful, and enjoy everything what comes in the way. Best of luck and travel more so that you won't need tip😉.
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Well said
Trip to Mumbai !! A city which never sleeps !! Keep updated with the places to visit ... Have full background check ..Read blogs of people .. prefer visiting in budgeted trips .. Always wear comfy clothes but ya don't forget to be look cute 😘 Excel yourself in the journey to reach your destination .. Be comfortable .. lovable... Star ... Optimistic in every situation .. Believe me , you will EXPLORE YOURSRLF WHILE EXPLORING NEW PLACES ♥️
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Plan early and wisely as per transport route & weather. Carry first aid box and good camera.
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My TIP for a good TRIP is to remove the "R" from the TRIP which here stands for "Recklessness". Stay calm, talk to people, make friends and think less. Let the destiny take you to an adventurous destination.
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Interaction with chai wala proved very effective my first place to stop is a tea stall everytime and any place I travel. They will tell you everything you need to know and about the scams and wrongdoing people do in the area.
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