Read my itinerary on Jaipur and Jaiselmar.You will get some budget tips.
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Find all the details on my Instagram post( @theonefromanotherplanet) you can cover Jaipur, Ajmer, puskar, bikaner, Jodhpur, pokhran, jaisalmer and Udaipur in a single trip.
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Hello Bhargav. This time is perfect for Rajasthan. Have a look on the following itineraries-
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Hi, you can cover most of the places in Rajasthan in your trip. If you are begining your trip from Delhi you can follow the below itinerary Day 1: Delhi to Bikaner Day 2: Bikaner to Jailsamer Day 3: Explore Jaisalmer Day 4: Jaisalmer to Barmer Day 5: Barmer to Udaipur Day 6: Explore Udaipur Day 7: Udaipur to Jodhpur Day 8: Jodhpur to Ajmer Day 9: Ajmer to Delhi I'm assuming you have already been to Jaipur considering the fact most of Delhiites have been to Jaipur, if you want to include Jaipur you can skip going to Udaipur. Also i'm attaching a post containing 9 day itinerary with this comment, you can go through it separately.