Hello every one, plz suggest 4nyts 5days trip to cover Rajasthan and some parts of Gujarat in the month of November

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Will share a few tripoto links written by travellers pertaining to their travel to Rajasthan see if it is suitable for your travel. https://www.tripoto.com/rajasthan/trips/a-complete-guide-to-your-rajasthan-trip-7-day-itinerary-hotels-and-much-more-5abf22f1b2b9b https://www.tripoto.com/rajasthan/trips/9-days-6-cities-a-memorable-solo-trip-in-rajasthan-5850222c8f541 https://www.tripoto.com/rajasthan/trips/things-to-do-in-rajasthan-tourism-itinerary https://www.tripoto.com/karauli/trips/hidden-destinations-in-rajasthan-3574 Ahmadabad is 12 hours away from Jaipur. While Vadodara is 14 hours away, Statue of unity is 14 hours away and Gir national national park is 18 hours away. So my advice would be, one day you spend in Jaisalmer or choice of your place, then another day in Bikaner or choice of your place, third day unless you spend in Jaipur reaching Gujarath is comparatively easy. One more suggestion, you could cover both states with 10 days in hand. Upto you..
Thank u so much
In Gujarat You should plan Great Rann of kutch Rann Utsav Bhuj Koteshwar. Dholavira Mandvi if you have 4 to 5 days in your hand